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What do you think about this non fiction piece?


The stares, the whispers, the insults, the jokes. They can take a toll on a girl. Now you may be thinking “Oh whispers and jokes she must be overweight, poor girl”. Well I’m a perfectly normal weight so now you all must be thinking “Oh she must have some weird genetic mutation and she looks like the elephant man, she’s the elephant girl”. Wrong again. Alright I will take you out of the suspense, I’m a short teenage girl, in a normal weight range, so the problem is (drum roll please….)

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Manila, UTI have a condition called gigantomastia this literally medically means giant breasts. Now you maybe thinking, that’s a problem? Well it certainly is, when people look at me that is all they see they see nothing more than a girl with a very large chest, they don’t see a face, a mind or hey I would settle for anything other “Hey is that the girl with the boobs?”. The attention is not positive it’s people in disbelief; they don’t find it attractive they find it impossible. Now you maybe thinking “Hey now you aren’t the only one who people stare at!?” Well you are absolutely correct on that one. There is also another problem carrying around 10 or 6 extra pounds everyday isn’t exactly what I would say comfortable; I’m basically a packing mule carrying all of the luggage in my chest. I can’t play sports I’ve tried, oh how I’ve tried. Let’s just say that I’ve almost taken an eye or two out while running on the soccer field and I’ve had quite too many boob bumps on the volleyball court. I can’t stand up straight, just call me quazzy motto (Hunchback of Notre dame), I can barely stand for more than 20 minutes without having to sit. Now I wasn’t always like this there was once a time when I was among the average busted teens in fact, when I was in middle school I dreamed of the day I would grow a chest, but then it happened. It was gradual and within four years of beginning to develop I went from a 34 b to a 34 G. I hated being flat chested I felt like no one ever looked at me, oh how naïve I was. So then people started looking, and it wasn’t anything like I had imagined. So I wasn’t happy flat chested and I’m certainly not happy with these boulders lying in my blouse, so what does make me happy? Well the answer to that my friends has nothing to do with whether you have grapes in your t shirt or if you have water melons in your sweater, and as cheesy and clique as this is going to sound, your body has nothing to do with happiness it’s been found true time after time. No matter how much I want to look like Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie, here’s a shock, it’s never going to happen! We can wish on star after shining star but the body you have, is the body you are stuck with. But guess what, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Embrace it; if you have a big chest like me deal with it, some of the jokes don’t lie, they are kind of funny. Now some of them are just plain hurtful, but here is another big shocker, we don’t have to take it tell them to shut there mouths! And it’s the same if you’re overweight, have a beer belly, have a big butt, have love handles, or if your flat chested. Girls guys or whatever you are, we are all in the same boat riding along without a life jacket. We all have things that we hate about ourselves and can’t change it. So take control of your life. If someone is staring at you just say “What are you looking at, you aren’t so perfect you’re self there”. We as humans point out every one else’s flaws constantly, come on admit you know you have done it. And guess why we do it? Shocker because we all have something we don’t like about ourselves so we try to make our selves feel better by pointing out each other’s flaws. The world isn’t going to change, maybe someday but for now it is staying in this same judgmental planet. So stick up for yourselves and accept your self for who you are. Yes I have a big chest but that is not all that I am. Show the world who you are because if you don’t they will certainly have no problem telling you who they think you are.

What do you think of this piece? Positive and negative!

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    Wow this is exactly what I needed to hear today. I think the writing style was good and the message is great!

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    Its was ok she went from whinny about how she looks to about how everyone should embrace themselves. It was just ok not good not bad just ok

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