how long will milk last after the expiration date?

I just noticed our milk expires Sunday and we haven't even finished our other gallon yet. How much longer can it last after Sunday?

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    The thing about expiration dates is that they are kind of arbitrary. There's "sell by" dates, "best by" dates and "good before" dates. Additionally, I've had milk go bad before the expiration date on the carton (and didn't realize it until it was too lake....bad morning...) and I have had it last far past the expiration date. The only real judge of it's being ok to drink is the smell...or what it looks like if you let it sit long enough...gross.

    Smell it before you drink it. If it smells funny, you should probably toss it, but I've been ok drinking it or cooking with it the same day it starts to smell. When it curdles, then you should throw it out for sure.

    Source(s): Years and years of buying and drinking milk.
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    How long milk will last after the expiration date depends. I have had milk last for almost a week past the expiration date, and at other times I have had milk go bad before the expiration date. That may have a lot to do with the conditions the milk encountered before it was even brought home from the grocery store.

    Milk keeps longer if it is kept at a temperature of 45 ºF or below and not left out at room temperature for long periods of time. When you buy milk in the summertime, for instance, there is a chance that the milk may have been allowed to sit out in the heat for a time before it was put into your grocer's refrigerated section. At home, use just what you need and immediately return the rest to the refrigerator. Do not let milk sit out at room temperature for long periods of time.

    Harmful bacteria can grow rapidly in milk above 45 ºF. However, temperatures well below 40 ºF are necessary to protect the milk's quality. It is critical that these temperatures be maintained through warehousing, distribution, delivery and storage.

    You can extend the life of milk by freezing, but it may separate or be slightly grainy when thawed. Frozen milk works best for cooking or putting on cereal or in coffee, but some people find it's still okay for drinking.

    You should only freeze milk before the 'Best before' date. It should be used within 1 month of freezing and should be defrosted slowly in the refrigerator, this will take about 24 hours. The defrosted milk should be used within 2-3 days. It is advisable to give the milk a good shake or stir before use. Skimmed or semi-skimmed milk freezes slightly more successfully than whole milk.

    Freeze milk in plastic freezer containers or special freezer-proof glass jars. Leave some extra space at the top since milk expands during freezing. If packaged in a wide-mouth container, leave 1/2-inch head space for pints and 1-inch for quarts. If packaged in a narrow-mouth container (such as jars), leave 1 1/2-inch head space for either pints or quarts.

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    It depends from milk to milk. After the expiration date, the best way is to taste a little bit to see if it's still ok or not. Also, smell it. If it smells bad, the it's not good. Usually it'll be ok the day after the expiration date or maybe two days after. Sometimes it's not good the day after the expiration date. Basically taste it and smell it after the expiration date, but it won't last that long.

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    General rule is 7 days after expiration date.

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    As long as it dosent smell bad I suppose - But you can actually freeze milk. You can store it in the freezer for a couple of weeks. When you are going to need it defrost it completely, give it a good shake up to reconstitute it again and it will last you about 5/4 days.

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    Your nose knows. Milk can last for several days after the expiration date, but it varies from carton to carton. Trust your nose. If it smells the least bit sour, pitch it.

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    well It depends, on how cold you keep it and how fresh it was when you bought it, also on weather it gets above 40 degrees at times, you should never let it get above 40, you want to keep it as cold as possible at all times, Ive had milk last up to two years after the expiration date, just as long as it doesn't stink too bad and isn't completely globed up! lol

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    a week or two then it looks kinda watery like expired eggnog

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    For a few days, smell it regularly and if it gets a little smelly ditch it.

  • Depends how it smells. usually up to 24 hrs and 2 min.

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