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Old school fans: Who remembers the Bob Roop/Kevin Sullivan feud from the late 70s?

Apparently, this feud happened in California for Roy Shire's promotion. Kevin Sullivan, who goes down to some as one of the best heels ever in wrestling, was actually a clean cut babyface in thie feud, prior to his heel days later on. Bob Roop was the heel. The storyline was Roop 'crippled' Sullivans younger brother, and also applied the shoulderbreaker to Sullivans 64 year old father, in which the babyface Sullivan wanted revenge. From what I've seen, this was a very well done feud.

It's also interesting that after watching this, you can tell they really did present this as a sport back then, and not entertainment as it is today. The announcers and everyone involved looked like average joes, and weren't so physically enhanced which would become the norm in the WWF. I think that's what gave wrestling back then a more realistic feel. Personally, Roop was a good, no nonsense heel here,, and you can tell he was a bad@ss. Jim Ross also talked about Roop on one of the WWE 24/7 Wrestling Roundtables. Here is a video of this well done feud

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    Cool vid! Back in those days I was more into WCCW (being from the Dallas - Ft. Worth area) and this is where the Von Erichs reigned supreme. So I don't have any recall of Roop/Sullivan feud but I agree with you in that the production seemed like it invovled many "normal" average people. So for a young girlie girl like myself back then it was really confusing to understand that wrestling isn't "real" in the way I first thought lol.

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    Wrestling was a lot better back then and even in the 80s look at the Sullivan CWF stuff.The writers actually had a wrestling background, as opposed to now where its all hollywood entertainment first and wrestling 2nd.

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    no before my time,but thanks for the youtube vid

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