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What did he mean when he said "let's forget we ever met"?

There's this guy who has liked me since I met him. I didn't really like him, though. I was neutral about him. He liked me enough that he stood up for me. This "thing" named TJ was constantly telling everyone that I was a whore. Austin went and told her that she needed to leave me alone, and she kicked him in his balls. He said the pain didn't matter to him. I thought it was a nice thing for him to do, but I never really thought that much about him.

When I broke up with my cheating boyfriend he told me that he loved me, and I thought that he was kind of sweet, so I gave him my number. We were texting, and every once in a while he would remind me how much he loved me, and he said that he would be fine with me not dating him because he wanted me to be happy. So, I started dating (the greatest boyfriend I've ever had) Kyle and I started ignoring Austin. I stopped talking to him, and I didn't respond to his text messages. I thought he would get the hint that I didn't like him.

Today he texted me saying, "Why didn't you just tell me you didn't like me? I would've been able to get on with my life a lot sooner." I told him that me dating Kyle was me telling him that I didn't like him. He said "You know me. I'm an idiot. I don't pick up on these things." I said I was sorry he didn't get the memo. He responded a little later "It's cool. I'm a happier idiot knowing I can finally get on with my life. Let's just forget we ever met."

Does he not love me anymore? Why would he say "let's just forget we ever met"? He isn't a bad guy, but I don't understand why he would say that.I liked knowing that he loved me. I'm not sure if he does anymore, and for some reason I feel kind of sad.

I really want an honest answer. Please?

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    First thing that came to mind was - these names are confusing? You mention people as though we already know them without introduction - but not to worry. It gets clearer as we read...

    Honestly... whilst I sympathise with your situation... I think it's possible that you might be being a little selfish. But that's understandable... we girls love affection even when it's one-sided.

    It's easy to say, "if you really cared about him, you should let him move on and cut off his feelings from you" and if you're the kind of girl who plays games, you wouldn't make that an easy job for him.

    Girl, I think you need to let him move on. Have a heart. Poor boy must be going through a really rough time. Be happy with Kyle.

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    He sounds like the kind of guy who would stick up for any girl in trouble whether he knew them or not. I think you took his saying he loves you as meaning real love rather than just liking. If you didn't like him you should have told him and requested he stop texting you. That way he would know where he stood and could get on with his life.

    If you're feeling a bit sad now then perhaps you will have learned a lesson. Under the circumstances he would have been better not to have met you.

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    Sorry to say but the shoe is on the other foot. Miss, you are the idiot now. I say this because when you try to give him a hint he didn't catch it. But now you can't catch that this dude really liked you.(I don't really like the word love don't hate it but don't love it) He is really hurt, nice dudes don't really show it they tend to cover it up with more niceness. But he did take a big step in trying to forget you. He does this because even though her said that he really wants you to be happy so he didn't mind not being with you. That was like the lie of the century, This guy is madly in Blank with you. But he gets that he will never have you. He just doesn't know that he might be hurting himself more by trying to just erase you cause that is something impossible to do with people you Blank. This guy knows that if he sticks around that he will just be hurting but doesn't know that quitting could mess him up even more. You feel this sadness because of one of two things. You either like him a lot and don't realize or your just denying your feelings. The other thing is that You really liked the attention. Listen really ask yourself if you do have feelings for him that are covered up because if you do and you don't do anything.... You are gonna lose him if you haven't lost him already.

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    He never loved you. OK....he liked you. There is a big difference.

    Also, don't just expect a guy to read your mind and know what you are doing and what you want in life. You have to tell them in words. Like, "I am now dating Kyle" make it final with Austin.

    Reputation is very important. Once you show guys your "fast" people like TJ jump on it and soon everyone believes it. So you need to be very careful who you "make out" with. Don't be so quick to say your in love with anyone. Be friends.

    Word of warning: Be careful with Kyle, the best boyfriend you ever had, make sure you do not have any intercourse and get yourself pregnant with him. You will discover once you do this.....he will run for the hills and leave you high and dry with a baby to pay for. If your really interested in having any sort of relations sexually with him. You get yourself on some kind of birth control and be responsible with your body. The boy never will do this. But you need to!! Do it for YOU.

    Good luck :)

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    I think that if your cared enough to post this question, then you really did like him, but it's buried underneath. He obviously still loves you and is a good man, but he may be tired of waiting. I think you should give him a chance, but if not, then wait a day or two for him to cool down and then text or call him (It's better to meet him somewhere) and say that you do care about him, you just don't want to date him. Tell him that you want to be friends and that he said he doesn't mind you don't want to date him because he wants you to be happy. He needs to be reminded of that. Tell him that your sorry, and you really want to be friends and that you appreciate him caring about you as much as he does. He seems like a good man and you seem like a good woman. Yes, you made a mistake ignoring him, but apologizing will make the situation better. Even if he still wants nothing to do with you after wards, it's for the best because it's what is meant to happen. I wish you both the best of luck in whatever happens.

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    First of all, you went out with other guys and it's obvious you don't care about him. You were texting him for some time and it probably seemed to him that you like him, since you didn't text before.

    And then you go out with someone else. He must've been so hurt!

    To answer your question, he doesn't love you anymore, probably. Why do you care if he loves you? You're acting selfish, I'm sorry to tell you. You don't love him, but you want him to love you!

    He said it because he feels pushed around. He thought you liked him.

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    Grow up! Thats my honest answer...

    How ridiculous. You 'liked' knowing that he loved you. . . peoples feelings aint to be messed about with. And if you never even liked this guy why are you even bothered about why he's no longer talking to you, i mean after all thats exactly what you did to him, ignored him when it suited you. You only gave him time of the day because you were on your own.

    I agree with the guy, best that he did just forget that you's ever met, the poor sod.

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    Sounds like you've made the whole thing up, all these boys seem to be chasing after you!? What a coincidence! Maybe you should get a life! you seem to like the idea of acting like a 'mean girl'.

    When your clearly not.

    Go get a hobby.

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    so you want to be able to treat him like dirt and for him to still love you??? well TOO BAD love doesn't work that way.

    you have basically told him that you really don't care for him and that you purposely ignored him, was he meant to say 'oh, okay, wanna come over for milk and cookies?'?

    how about you call him and say this :'I don't love you but I want you to love me and let me treat you badly and not care at all!' because that is how you must really feel!

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    i know you are sad, and you should be. since he is a good guy who loves you, it's flattering, and you are kind of cool knowing he's always gonna be there for you. but you sound as a nice girl, so don't be selfish and leave him alone so that he will learn to love another girl

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