A story.What was the message in the letter which made a Tamil Woman,settled in Mumbai,learn Hindi?

A mini story.

A Tamil girl went to Mumbai,with her husband,after the marriage.Husband was employed there.

Husband's repeated requests to her to learn Hindi fell on deaf ears.Almost six months passed off,still she had not picked up the language.One day she received a courier addressed to her husband from a girl Miss so and so.Out of anxiety she opened the letter and found something in the letter and immediately started attending Hindi Learning Classes.

What was the contents of the letter which made her learn Hindi ultimately?

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    She does not know what was in the letter because the letter was in Hindi. And as human nature, receiving letter from a girl for her husband and her inability to read that letter forced her to learn Hindi.

    On Lighter side: Why Hindi in Mumbai, wouldn't MNS and SS hit this family hard? They should learn Marathi. Just joking, no one should take this seriously .......

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    to resist instead of accepting everything that was thrown to them. Why should everyone learn Hindi leaving their language. All the states were like countries on their own before British Rule. The way it was United as a one country doesn't mean rest of the country to take whatever it shoved on to them. Learning Hindi has nothing to do with Patriotism or Culture. I was raised in Chennai. To me anything other than Tamil was foreign. I could relate to the other South Indian Languages but definitely not to any North Indian Language. If I had to learn a Foreign Language, I'd choose English over Hindi bcos of obvious reasons.

  • 1 decade ago

    yes, you are right. it is my husban insisted me to learn hindi. i am actually not interested to learn hindi. one day a courier letter came to my house. i opened the letter which was in hindi. i took it to the nearby aunti. The content of the letter is nothing but taking a tution at home. A miss expressed her desire to take tution to me at home. so, i agreed. The miss taught me hindi and i learned now to speak. This is the matter. But, our people are very much talented to create an untold story..as if a letter came from a miss so and so, what next ? the girl should fight with her husband, but the story ending with learning hindi.. ha..ha.. a beautiful mini story. vella kakka parakka vittavargalache naam. Ella kaakkavaiyum parakka viduvom.

    now we can see a story..

    govind saw a girl at the bus stop. That girl was talking to a guy. The matter was that the guy was new to the town. she alone in the bus stop. He just confirmed the stopping to get down. she guided him. govind took the matter to the girl's brother since he happened to be his friend. Then, the brother took the matter to his father. And father to mother. That girl enters home. All in the family seeing her newly. she wondered because no one attend even if she cry. Mother slowly began ..''who is that guy?'' which guy ? Don't act. you met the guy at the bus stop. Then she explains..and all laughed. This is called vella kakka parandha kadhai.

  • 1 decade ago

    The letter from miss so and so was in English. But Miss so ands so was a north Indian girl asked her husband for a dating. To bring his wife t his way to learn Hindi, the husband has originated the letter as if from Miss so and so.

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  • Assefi
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    1 decade ago

    i agree that she was p ushed to learn Hindi in order to read the letter from a woman like an above poster said

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A letter from her husband thanking her for taking the classes!

  • 1 decade ago

    nice story... Hindi letter

  • plant
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    1 decade ago

    love letter

  • 1 decade ago

    Beautiful story.................

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sir, namaskaram. i agree with TC answer.

    sir, please see my QUESTION and i need your answer.


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