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Good Airsoft Aep Handgun?

Im looking for an electric FULL/SEMI auto hand gun

- with atleast 240 fps

- at least 8-10 rounds per second

and im looking for about a 40-50 dollar price (may be flexable)

The perfect gun was the CYMA CM030 but its high clips are near impossible to come by, and its a little out of my price range (would by guns for that price though)

Also Uzi sized guns work to

Any suggestions help, thanks

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    40-50 dollar price range almost guarantees that any gun that you get is crap and wont last long. I own the Well R-4 MP7, For an AEP this gun has a very high rate of fire and excellent FPS. The accuracy wanes after 30 feet but AEP's are for close quarters mostly so its to be expected. Sadly the Price is almost double your max but the way it is is that if you want to get an AEP worth using that will last you need to pay more. you could always get a Walmart gun but we all know how long they last.

    Heres a link to the Well Mp7 on

    And on This one comes with more but the shipping may be higher than

    Source(s): I own one 5 years airsoft experience
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