Topher Grace distant on That 70s Show?

I've heard that Topher Grace was distant from the rest of the cast on That 70s Show and didn't really form a bond with his castmates. Does anybody know if this is true? It would make me sad if it was. =(

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ashton Kutcher said "Me, Danny Masterson, and Wilmer Valderrama are boys." Leaving out Topher Grace, it would be OK if he was talking about the both of them but at the time he was just talking about Wilmer so Danny didn't have to be mentioned at all. Topher is friends with the rest of the cast but he is is not as close with the rest of the cast as let's say Danny or Mila Kunis. He was more distant from the rest of the cast and I heard that he was less social then other castmates. So it is true.

    Topher is never mentioned by any of the castmates either in any interviews or on any talk shows.

    I feel bad for Topher too.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, I remember seeing a television show segment and they made mention of that fact (I couldn't tell you what show it was, all I remember was that it was one of those "behind the scenes" series).

    I guess at the end of the day, acting is much like any job - you'll meet and work with people you like as well as people that you don't like so much. Just the way it goes.

    Source(s): A half remembered television show.
  • 1 decade ago

    ya, its true. he didnt really form tight bonds with anyone from the cast. which is rly sad bc on the show, eric is the glue that holds everyone together & the show is basically life from his point of view, it takes place in his house...etc

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