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Australia?? My long lost friend. Please help?

Okay so In 1st grade I was best friends with this girl. And then during that year she moved to Australia(?) Thats what a couple of my friends told me (who knew her or her brother) . So...Is there any civilization in Australia?!? Isnt it all desert and kangaroos? Please help I tried looking her up on facebook, I found this girl who looks a little younger than my age, In first grade she was raelly skinny, and had this unique nose? Hahaa and I can kinda see it in this girls picture. But I honestly dont kno, And I kinda doubt its her. That girls Fb dosnt have her location on it or anything, So I dunno. Please help it leaves me wondering soo much. And it bugs me! Its like...I guess I'll die wondering!!


Okay Listen; Expecially JESSICA A. And whoelse wants to make some rude remarks. Im trying to find a friend here and all you guys are doing is critisizing mt question. Okay ya maybe I dont pay attnetions in Geography but I DONT CARE. Thats not the point of my questions!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well I live in Australia, and it isn't all desert and kangaroos -they are not seen in most places I go. Most people live in various cites or towns. I live in Melbourne, a city in Victoria - it's the cooler part of Aus.

    Just have a message asking (on FB) "is that you (her name), well it's me (ur name goes here) - if that rings a bell add me and we should chat on facebook or something."

    Worst that can happen is that she doesn't respond. You can always un-add her if it turns out she isn't who you think she is too.

    There's a quite a chance that you could find out whats been happ'nen all these years, and you can chat and maybe you could meet up if you go to Australia one day (or she goe to America, if that's where you're from). - that's if you still get along (people do change a fair bit from the age of 6/7).

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ******* look it up. how can you NOT know that? sure, there's deserts and kangaroos, in the MIDDLE of australia. dumbass. and then, there's Sydney, Melbourne and QLD (CITIES). Surely you've heard of the Gold Coast and Themeparks in QLD? Or the Sydney Opera house? And i don't care if i get thumbs down. Pay attention in geography to avoid looking like the biggest idiot again, okay? and why would she move to Australia if there was no civilization. What is the ******* question?

    Source(s): I'm not retarded. :\
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  • 1 decade ago

    Bahahahahahaha Oh My God, you have got to be kidding right...of course there is civilisation whats sydney and all the other places in Austalia.. i dont see the point in trying to find a girl you were freidns with in year one you would have been like 6 years old, theres really no point now you will be totally different people. move on!!

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  • laroia
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've got some bad news for you. Australia is where they send all the communists. No one lives there voluntarily. She is probably in some prison. Just move on.

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