twins names ....( help twins girl names )?

my youngest sister is pregnant with twins girls about to be due in two weeks and she need help with some baby girl names


she all ready got two daughters

mya riley

kandis lynn

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  • 10 years ago
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    I am also having twin girls. I would give your their names but I don't want them to be stolen. I would recomend that she not name them something something that sounds like the other

    like Stacy or Tracy. I would also not recommend that she name with any thing that have the same first letter. You want them to be the individuals that they are so they each deserve to have their own unique name. I do love the names Abigale and Isabella just be cause I would call them Abby and Bella. These would be our girl names if they were not as common as they are.

    Source(s): Mommy of a 2 year old & 35 weeks pregnant w/ twin girls
  • 10 years ago

    Allison Lyric

    Beverly Justine

    Carly Justice

    Delilah Juliette

    Elaine Aurora

    Gabriella April

    Holly Audrina

    Isabella Leilani

    Jasmine Devon

    Kate Jazlyn

    Liberty Annaliese

    Macy Jocelyn

    Olivia Chelsea

    Peyton Lily

    Rosalie Cameron

    Selena Brooklyn

    Vanessa Demi

    Waverly Amanda

    Yvonne Leia

    Alice Jade

    Brooke Destiney

    Chloe Camilla

    Harmony Brenda

    Danielle Alicia

    Ivy Nicolette

    Kylie Mae

    Joelle Liz

    Leah Janelle

    Misty Denise

    Natalia Kaylee

    Paris Caitlin

    Roxanne Hayley

    Shayne Bethany

    Settarah Angel (persian for star)

    Veronica Nevada

    Adrienne Miranda

    Bridget Laura

    Carmen Jacqueline

    Heather Kiera

    Daisy Isis

    hope i helped and i would love to know what names she chose for her babies and dont be shy 2 contact me

  • 6 years ago

    I love..

    Posey and Ella

    Posey and Alice

    Posey and Ivy

  • Most common twin names of 2008 from the SSA:

    My faves from there + some of my own:

    Sophie & Summer

    Sophie & Sabrina

    Sophie & Sadie

    Sophia & Skye

    Julia & Gabrielle

    Gabriella & Juliette

    Mia & Ava

    Ava & Emma

    Emma & Ella

    Lily & Lucy

    Samantha & Summer

    Samantha & Sophia

    Samantha & Savannah

    Alyssa & Ava

    Madison & Mia

    Madison & Allison

    Allison & Ava

    Abigail & Emma

    Faith & Grace

    Emma & Sophie

    Hope & Grace

    Isabella & Olivia

    Sarah & Hannah

    Olivia & Gabriella

    Olivia & Sophia

    Nadia & Noelle

    Kaitlyn & Katherine

    Carolyn & Catherine

    Katherine & Kaylia

    Lucy & Layla

    Do you have any preferences? What kinds of names does she like?

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  • Kim
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    4 years ago

    Patricia Bernice and Polly Rebecca Patricia Francis and Phoebe Teresa Rosalie Patricia and Rebecca Antoinette Patricia Bell and Priscilla Janet Patricia Mabelle and Pearlie Savannah Vivian Patricia and Vesta Angeline Ernestine Patricia and Edythe Dorothea Lennie Patricia and Leta Lou Rebecca Pearle and Rilla Clare Helene Rebecca and Hanna Adaline Cathrine Rebecca and Clyde Nella Emmie Rebecca and Ettie Octavia Evie Rebecca and Elmira Fay Lessie Rebecca and Lavina Matie Iona Floy and Isa Mellie

  • 10 years ago

    Anika Rae

    Anya Rae

    Olivia Paige












  • 5 years ago

    Selena Taylor

    Bianka Rose

    Biondina (b-on-deana) Lois

    Samantha Renae

    Taylor Faith

    Grace Sienna

  • Anna
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    4 years ago

    Lorelei Alana

    Charlotte Kathleen

  • 10 years ago

    well here are some tips to choosing a name,

    -dont choose a super unique name. the kid will probably not like it. Unique names also get pronounced wrong and misspelled constantly.

    -dont do a crazy mickynzee. Ive seen it done. its dreadful!

    -do a name that will work for a baby, child, teen, AND adult. Parents often make the mistake of giving their baby a "baby" name like Aiden. It is not fit for an adult AT ALL.

    -there is a difference between trendy and timeless. Trendy names will be great for a couple years and sound horrible after that. Timeless names last forever.


    -Brianna Paige and Kaitlyn Ava. (pronounced bree-auna)..nicknames would be Bree and Katie/Kate

    -Madison Olivia and Kaitlyn Ava (nickname Maddie)

    i hope i helped! :)

  • 10 years ago

    My Top 5 Baby Names right now:






    Middle names I like:






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