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Do you recommend taking core classes only for the rest of my highschool years?

I am merely a freshmen and am not sure if I should or not.

I want to get more credits in my core classes than required to graduate.

(Taking 7 maths instead of 4, etc..)

I'll work on my elective credits too though.

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    Hey look. I was a kid once too...and now I am an adult. So, please don't write my advice off here as fuddy duddy adult advice that everyone gives you.

    Take the hardest freaking classes you can! And here is why...

    Some folks THINK that it takes good grades to get into a good college. Wouldn't bet on that. But what I do know is that a good education (taking hard classes in high school) will help you immensely to achieve better grades and eventually graduate from college! If you just take the core classes and try to skate though, it will come back to haunt you in your life.

    Employers rarely ask for high school transcripts. But, they DO ask for college transcripts to see how you did in your studies. High school grades? No biggy. College grades? Yeah, some will check.

    The idea is to get an education. That means gaining knowledge. It does not mean getting good grades. Bill Gates is a college drop-out. I don't think it bothers him too much when he wakes up in the morning and realizes that he never earned a college degree. But, I bet you that Mr. Gates learned all he could in high school...and that's what mattered most in his life.

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