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When illegal aliens are caught driving w/o any license and w/o any insurance and cause accidents..............?

WHY ARE THEY NOT IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Police: Man injured in crash; woman is facing deportation

From staff reports • January 18, 2010

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Buzz up!Twitter FarkIt Type Size A A A DEERFIELD -- A man was hospitalized and a woman faces deportation after a one-vehicle crash on Lebanon Road near Gershal Avenue, police said.

The woman was driving a Ford Explorer, which had two male passengers, when the SUV went off the roadway at 12:45 p.m. Saturday and rolled over twice, according to state police at the Bridgeton barracks. Authorities did not know why the vehicle went out of control.

State police said all three people in the SUV are Mexican nationals. Their names were unavailable Sunday.

Federal officials have placed a no-bail detainer on the woman, who was being held at Cumberland County Jail. She also is being held on a charge of causing serious injury in an accident while driving without a license. Police also issued her a ticket for driving without a license.

One passenger was flown to Cooper University Hospital in Camden, where he was in stable condition Sunday. The driver and other passenger were treated at South Jersey Healthcare Regional Medical Center in Vineland and released.

Trooper Charles Ciaurelli is the investigating officer.

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    or even arrested many times. They wait until things like this happen and lives of citizens are taken before doing anything.

    Sci-fi, I read that, they want to believe we are only one person. But we know that we are the majority and they do not want to believe it or hear facts from more than one person.

  • The answer to your question is that driving w/o license or insurance is not punishable by deportation. Pretty simple huh, too bad you, Kize and Bomb Shell are all to anal retentive to admit that one aspect of all your - Why aren't they deported - questions.

    Beside you three and a few others are the game pointers, watch the questions before the poster gives away best answer. I thought all of you had closed profiles to hide the lies you say but this more reason becomes apparent when I watch the answer and question board.

    Let me leave a question to Kize, Bomb Shell and yourself, not that I expect an answer from any of you because all of you know to answer would be to admit who's wrong and who's right.

    What if anything do you expect to learn from your copy and paste questions? There is no knowledge to be gained from the subjects of some of your thin veiled questions.

    Like this current one the question is - When illegal aliens are caught driving w/o any license and w/o any insurance and cause accidents..............?


    and some of the reasons given in answers.

    Answer about welfare and freebies

    An answer about being arrested so many times and waiting for this to happen to citizens before action is taken. Then there's chat with the poster.

    Answer two words, is this the one you give best answer to?

    Rounded up, punished and then deported. An statement disagreeing with the 14th Amendment and some attempt to explain how to track and kill them.

    Answer reason why illegals are not cheap labor and some confusing statement about their contributions.

    An insult and following a true answer deport them all.

    Yeah I'd say these answers give all of us a knowledgeable learning lesson, after all you have to do is pick your best and the find the block button, right.

    Source(s): All thats left is 999,999,999 names to be blocked.
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    Why do you think they should be punished with deportation for these violations, I don't understand nor do you ever elaborate your point when asked. I asked as nice as I know how but all I got was a block for my efforts. That tells me and anyone who reads the given answers for this so called question that I am right in the answer I gave above and again was blocked for.

    I guess for some people like yourself, Maricopa County, Bomb Shell and Kize blocking works so well because you think answers that don't oppose you will not get posted - sorry butt wipe block again, err think again!

    Once more for the thick headed deportation is a punishment used for immigration violations not for motor vehicle violations, read overworked lazy student answer one of the better possible answers, heck he evens knows that even giving you the answer you will still over think it and screw it up anyways.

    Source(s): And whats with, come on guys lets report blah blahs answer its insulting. That my boy shows you won't stand alone to your own battles, what do you only answer questions that have your friends presence first?
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    They should all be rounded up, placed in a gulag in the baking hot desert for a time and then deported back to wherever they came from. The doctrine that you are a US citizen if born on US soil should be stricken via Constitutional Amendment. All foreign nationals in the US should be tracked via embedded microchip. Any attempt to circumvent our immigration laws should cause the microchip to explode.

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    The socialist want illegals here to go on welfare and all the freebies so they can give them the vote and they will vote for democrats (welfare and freebies). The cost to working tax paying Americans is an Obama spending size numbner.

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    Then why not let them get drivers licenses which would allow them to get insurance and that's it problem solved...but for sure someones going to find fault with this so go ahead over analyze this.

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    Just imagine when you include all the medical costs, law enforcement hours, trails, lawyers, this is not cheap labor nor are their contributions to America paying for all these other events that go on around the country.

  • Have you ever heard of Comp and Collision ?

    Source(s): yeah that is there insurance. work insurance
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    deport them all

  • 1 decade ago

    some are

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