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what are some teen romance novels similar to The Notebook?

I looked into other Nicholas Sparks novels and found Dear John, A Walk To Remember, and The Last Song but I've read those already. Then most of his other books were about adults, which tends to bore me probably because I like reading about people close to my age. So if there are any good teen romance novels you know of please tell me. (please no vampires or any mythical creatures, I have already read Twilight, stick to the normal human stories please). thanks =]

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    Through the safe link above, you can choose what you like from 92 books listed after the word- romance -is typed in the search box at upper right and you hit 'go.'

    These books don't include any "mythical creatures."

    Authors on the first of ten pages include:

    Sara Shepard

    Stephie Davis

    Sabrina Jordan

    Jenny Collins

    Rachel Hawthorne (I've read about her before, good things)

    You can research books by clicking on one.

    From 'Browse Inside' (you can read some of the book) please be aware there's more information on the left; scroll down if you like.

    You can also know more about each author by using the 'Author' tab seen with the books. It's the tab behind the one that says 'All.' You'll see it.

    If you want a much larger context to search, try Be sure you're in the Books category (by a drop-down menu in first search box) then specify 'teen romance' and you'll see another drop-down menu (second search box) to choose from...

    It includes 'teen romance for girls' and 'teen romance bestsellers' and several more you click on to see.

    Again, click on a book to read more about it, sometimes "Look Inside" once it's separate, and scroll down for editorial and reader-reviews (you can see amounts at a glance by noting how many five [best] or four-star reviews a book has under the title).

    Source(s): above, safe link
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    Sarah Dessen books are really good books. They are quite easy reads but she has written heaps.

    Try : Just Listen, Along For The Ride, Someone Like You, Lock And Key, The Truth About Forever

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    you would possibly want to savor William Goldman's, The Princess Bride, or Diana Wynne Jones' Howl's transferring fort. in case you want romance-adventure, you'll love Suzanne Collins' starvation video games trilogy (The starvation video games, Catching hearth, Mockingjay); in spite of the undeniable reality that a romantic nuance between the protagonist and various of alternative major characters is centripetal to the backdrop of the tale, it isn't the governmentconcentration of the plot. in spite of the undeniable reality that meant for an older target audience, i imagine you would also truly savor Water for Elephants, from Sara Gruen.

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