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Is 5'4" short, average, tall?

really short, short, average-short, average, average-tall, tall, really tall

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    That is truthfully average. The average female height is exactly 5'4" for women. World for men: 5'8", US men: 5'10".


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    average-short. I do believe the mean is 5'4" so maybe its even average! But think if you are in heels you are actually 5'6" so that would make you average to average tall! but if you are a guy 5'4" is short. You didn't say you were a guy or girl so had to give you the both.

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    Average short for a girl and really short for a guy.

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    I actually have a cousin it extremely is popping 13 and he or she's 5'5 too.....and nonetheless growing to be without delay everytime i see her!! yet do not concern-your mothers and fathers are tall and you at the instant are not likely going to quit growing to be until eventually ultimately you attain 24. Plus while in comparison with each physique else you're tall..

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    It isn't average short. It is the EXACT average height in the USA, UK and Australia for a female.

    average-short would be like 5'2/5'3. but if it makes you feel better i'd consider 5'4 really short (i'm 5'9)

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    average but on the short side.

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    short average~

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    i think its average short :) depending on how old you are. Im 15 and 4 foot 10, so dont feel bad if you think your short. hope this helped :)

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    people say 5"6 is average so anything below that is considered short

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