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How do I go from Leuven, Belgium to Charleroi, South Brussles, Belgium?

Thanks, and please, no taxi or driving. I prefer to take a train but don't know what website to go to for info


Wow! Thanks GP. What's the cost of a cab ride from Charleroi, Sud to the airport?

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  • Gerd P
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    1 decade ago
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    You can get a special ticket which includes the train travel and the bus transfer to the airport. The ticket code 811/814 is €11.00. ..

    Trains are departing from Leuven/Louvain at minutes 03, 24, and 28. A stopover is required at any of the three Brussels train stations (Nord/Noord; Central/Centraal; Midi/Zuid) to get the connection train to Charleroi Sud (travel time 80-95 minutes). ..

    Bus service A is departing from the Charleroi train station at minutes 15 and 45 and reaches Gosselies airport after 20 minutes travel. ..

    Alternately you could take a train from Leuven/Louvain to Brussels Midi/Zuid [€4.80, 25-40 minutes] and continue by a bus transfer service which departs at minute 00 and 30; the bus company recommends to book a bus which departs at least 2:50 hours before take-off. The fare for the bus is €13.00 ..

    Edit: [based on additional details]

    I have never taken a taxi for this destination; therefore I can only provide information from the web without guarantee.

    As per the website of Rapid-Tax Charleroi the basic fee amounts to €2.20 and the fee per kilometer amounts to €1.30 within the Charleroi area to which the airport belongs to. Based on the distance [approx. 9 kms] the fare would amount to approx. €14.00. ..

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    The observe on the line is that that is not. never been there myself yet i've got been to Brussels and that i don't locate that a large city in any respect. in assessment to such a lot of... Charleroi has been 'modernizing' itself over the final x-volume of years to get rid of that is photograph and has attracted new industries to change the previous ones I used to stay in the united kingdom and Manchester 15-20 years in the past grow to be not the placement to be seen, now it extremely is a cool place which nevertheless has its issues yet so has each and every huge city (and Charleroi is between the smaller huge cities in Belgium). French is the language spoken there as that is in Walloonia ;-), concepts you the paperwork in Flandres is probable much extra complicated...

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    GP is the top!

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