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what happens if you get pulled over with a permit but no adult with you but you are not doing anything wrong?

In the State of Maryland

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    Driving on a Learners in Maryland without an adult is citation for "Holder of learner's permit driving w/o req. supervision", under Title 16, Section 105, Paragraph b1 of the Transportation Code. The standard punish proscribed under the Traffic Fine Schedule is $290 and 5 points. Conviction of any moving violation, including this law, results in you having to wait a minimum of 9 months before you can apply for a provisional license. Your permit may also be revoked and you will have to reapply.

    "Not doing anything wrong" is a vague statement. Theoretically, if you are not breaking any laws, the police will never pull you over and discover you are on a learner's. If you are stopped for no reason, it technically is a stop without reasonable suspicion, rendering any discovery as a result of the stop inadmissible as evidence (under "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" doctrine). However in practice there are so many traffic laws that it is almost inevitable that one will break one of them at some point. And police are so skilled at articulating their reasons for a stop to the courts that making this argument is almost impossible. You WILL get caught, and they will make it stick in court.

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    if you aren't doing any thing wrong you would not be pulled over. if you only have a permit and are supposed to have an adult with but don't then you are doing something wrong and should be pulled over.

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    Improper use of permit citation (or something similar) and a very good chance of having your permit revoked by the DMV/DOT. If it revoked, you may be able to reapply for it. If it is suspended, you may have to wait until the end of the suspension to get it back or it may be served against your driver's license once you receive it.

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    permit + adult = nothing wrong

    permit - adult = something wrong

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    Not doing anything wrong? How about driving without a license?

  • Anonymous
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    If you need an adult driver to accompany you, then your doing something wrong.

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    wow listen to yourself

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