How much does Auto Transport cost?

I need to ship my Toyota Matrix from FL to CA

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    Since there are several companies that do auto transport, it is impossible to know what the cheapest cost would be. You might call around to some different companies and get their quote to transport the vehicle. You might also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the company you decide to use has any complaints and what the complaints are. Remember, just because a company is cheaper does not mean they are the best company to use. You might ask some car dealers and used car dealers who they might suggest to transport your car. Just make sure the company you do use has insurance and is bonded and is licensed to transport the distance you will need.

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    Do Your Homework.

    Search Google for "Auto Transport", "Car Shipping", and "Car Transportation", and visit the various auto transport company web sites.

    Rule of thumb is 32¢/mile

    NY-FL $500-600

    FL-CA $750

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    This is rather a late response but for those who find it later, here's how it works:

    When you search "auto transport" or "car shipping"... you will find:


    2. BROKERS.

    Notice, NO direct drivers or carriers as they rarely market their services online.

    Lead generator sell your info to 5-8 brokers who then fight for your business. Here's the catch, since brokers are NOT drivers, their cost quotes are only ESTIMATES.

    Once you book with a broker you like most (or probably the one with chepest rate), they then turn around and look for a carrier (driver) who would be interested to transport the car.

    Here's what usually happens: in order to win the "bidding war" many brokers will low-ball just to lure a customer into signing a contract and have you pay the deposit (broker fee). What usually then happens is your car will sit for weeks as drivers aren't interested in it due to the low carrier pay offered. This is when many broker hike-up the rate (without telling you), book a carrier, get your car picked and boy are you in for a surprise on delivery. Driver shows up and tells you to pay anywhere from $50-$300 more than quoted. And by the way, you're not getting your car without paying the driver first.

    Moral of the story:

    1. IDENTIFY lead generating sites and avoid them like the plague.

    2. LOWEST price is USUALLY ALWAYS a SCAM!!! Don't go for it.

    3. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH the broker you want to go with. There are many honest and reputable companies who can ship your car at a fair price while providing a great customer service experience.

    Source(s): 10 years experience in auto transport, auto moving company owner
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    Since there are several companies that do auto transport, it is impossible to know what the cheapest cost would be.

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