Is the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC Scary?

I might be going there bc of my interest in the holocaust but i am not one who likes to be scared. ive heard that theres no scary exhibits but the pictures are freaky. like mass graves and stuff being filled. can you plz tell me if this is true and what the pictures look like to see if i can handle it. thanks so much

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    I have very mixed feeling about the Holocaust Museum.

    Here's the deal. Jewish people have always treated me much better than my own kind. I can always always count on the kindness of Jews to help me. for the Holocaust Museum. I just don't get that. Sure, it was a tragedy, but when you go there, it's one big pity party for the Jews. And allow me to add a true story here. Back when they were initially building the Holocaust Museum an older friend of mine (he was in his late 70s at the time) attended another social function where a woman was collecting donations to have the museum built. This woman asked my (elderly) friend if he would like to donate. He said, "Surely! I had relatives that died in the concentration camps." So, my friend went about writing a check for $100 as a donation. The woman asked him about his Jewish heritage and he replied, "Oh. No no. I am not Jewish. I am Ukrainian." At this point, the woman's high spirits faded and she walked away without even bothering to get the check. Of course, my friend was less than happy himself.

    Holocaust you say? What about what the Japanese did to the Chinese during World War Two? Or, how about the Turks doing their best to eradicate the Armenians? We can go a bit further back to when the European white settlers decided that the natives of this hemisphere would be much happier on "reservations" with little water or arid land to even grow crops. Plenty of injustices in this world to go around. I am just not sure why we have a Holocaust Museum in our Nation's Capital when the actual events took place in Europe. Of course, it doesn't hurt that we give billions of dollars of US taxpayer money every year to Israel.

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    I'd describe the Holocaust Museum as "grim", as a substitute than unhappy. While a few persons undoubtedly cry, the greater message is this was once a grim episode in human historical past, which will have to certainly not be repeated.

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    First of all, I've never seen anything like the person above me mentioned, and I've been there several times, most recently about a year ago...

    The museum isn't frightening so much as it's somber and sad--sort of like being at a funeral. There are some photographs showing awful things that happened in the concentration camp, such as bodies being burned, but you can easily avert your eyes. The "permanent exhibit", which is the main exhibition at the museum, takes you step by step from the isolation of Jews and many other minorities in 1930s Germany, up through the liberation of the concentration camps in 1945. The purpose isn't to scare you, so much as to make you understand that humanity, when without restraints, is capable of extreme hatred, and we should individually and as groups work towards mutual understanding.

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  • It's not scary, but some of the exhibits are unnerving. If something bothers you, just move on to the next exhibit.

    But really, it is more thought-provoking and sad than it is scary.

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    Well, the museum does have a feature where many of the more graphic features are covered by a small wall and in order to see you must look over it, so it's your choice whether or not to see it. the museum is very somber and upsetting, but it is also informative and sensitive to the gravity of the events portrayed.

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    Its not scaring, more of a somber feeling. I'd describe it as a touch lighter than a funeral, but just a little.

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    Actually they have an exibit where you can experience what the holocaust members went through. They put you in this concrete cellar and spray a liquid on you, (supposed to be mustard gas) really its just water. They try to re create guards yelling at you and putting you in the clothes they they wear. Its very frightening. I threw up when I did it. so if you have big balls then you should do it.

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