University of Akron vs. Ohio University?

For those of you that are familiar with the schools, which of the two would you prefer Akron U or OU (NOT Ohio State)? I am contemplating on attending either of these schools, and I know that it really depends on what I choose to pursue as a major. However, I would really like to get some feedback? Thank you.

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    Akron is an urban university, but relatively safe. It is within an hour of the many attractions of Greater Cleveland, including world-class cultural institutions, professional sports, entertainment districts, etc.

    If you won't have a car, or don't befriend someone with a car, you likely will spend most of your free time in the Akron area. However, Akron itself has superior cultural institutions, and an excellent AA baseball stadium.

    Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Blossom Music Center are even closer to Akron. Lake Erie beaches are an hour away, and Cedar Point is less than two hours away. Pittsburgh also is within a couple hours. Perhaps most importantly, Akron has a fairly good airport with direct connections to many major cities, and Cleveland Hopkins is within a half hour, depending upon traffic/weather conditions.

    Read through the resolved questions for Cleveland if you're not familiar with the area's attractions.

    Ohio University is located in an isolated college town, but has a nice campus. Graduates that I have known enjoyed their years there. It's located in a beautiful part of Ohio, but it is hours from either Columbus or Cincinnati, both of which IMO have less appeal than the Cleveland/Akron area.

    However, you're going to school for an education. Check the quality of the respective departments in your prospective majors. There will be some great differences in quality and scope between some of the programs at the respective schools, as evidenced by the "academics" sections in the links below.

    Note that Ohio University is considered more selective than Akron. However, note the "national rankings" at the University of Akron website:

    My perception is that Akron has a much larger percentage of part-time and commuter students, but I didn't verify my perception. Ohio has over twice as many dormitory spaces as Akron. Ohio University's main campus covers almost nine times more acres than Akron's, so expect to get more exercise if you matriculate at Ohio!

    The likelihood IMO is that if you want the undergraduate collegiate experience, you'll be happier at Ohio. If you are career oriented, and if Akron offers a better career path education, you'll be happier at Akron, especially if you like the attractions of larger urban environments.

    Part-time, commuting students in my experience are very serious and not as typically interested in university activities, often because they are working while attending school. They often already are working in fields in which they are seeking a degree, so expect vigorous academic competition in many fields at Akron.

    Akron appears to have made great efforts to integrate commuting students into its campus experience, and, unlike competing Cleveland State University, even fields a Div. I football team, which competes against Ohio in the MAC.

    Kent State University is more similar to Ohio University as it is more a residential school in a college town, but it is very close to the urban attractions of both Cleveland and Akron.


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    I went to both, Ohio U for my freshman year and Akron for the remainder. I preferred Akron. Not sure if its the same, but you could not take a car down to Ohio U if you were a freshman due to the severe lack of parking when I went there 10 years ago. This means your travel was VERY limited. Athens is a nice town, but Akron has all of the amenities and the college is finishing up a very large improvement project ( the new stadium is great---I was blown away by the new student center as well!). I just had an all around better time at Akron and felt less "trapped" there.

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    Akron U campus is great., in big city, keep adding to campus, many majors to choose from and if you are from Ohio less expensive.

    OhioU smaller classes, more of a college town.

    If you do not know your major, and probably would change it anyway, Akron more majors to pick from.

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    Never thought too much about this

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