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Convert g/cm^3 to kg/m^3?

The density of a substance is 12.9 g/cm^3.

What is this value in kilograms per cubic meter?

please show steps..

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    Dimensional analysis comes in handy here.

    basically you can forget the 12.9 and just work on the units.


    g / cm^3

    how many g in a kg? 1000

    how many cm^3 in a m^3?

    well let's break that down into smaller parts first...

    how many cm in a m? 100

    so in a m^3 there should be 100*100*100 cm^3. right?

    so there are 1 000 000 cm^3 in a m^3

    now, we take this information and get to work

    12.9g / cm^3 * 1 kg / g * 1 000 000 cm^3 / m^3 = 12 900 kg/m^3

    in that equation, the g cancel out and the cm^3 cancel out .

    also you could try google. :P

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    1000g = 1 Kg

    100cm = 1m

    10,000cm^2 = 1m^2

    1,000,000cm^3 = 1m^3

    Divide the g/cm^3 by 1000 to get Kg/cm^3

    Multiply the Kg/cm^3 by 1,000,000 to get Kg/m^3

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