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What would be a durable paint to use on wooden railings?

I have wooden stairway railings that we painted white, with an enamel paint, and a clear coat. It is now chipped, and we want to repaint it. We did use primer as a base coat. What kind of paint could we use, that wouldn't chip, or at won't chip easily. Thanks.

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    In a spot such a that, it really doesn't matter what type of paint u use, as it's going to get chipped no matter what. you would of been better of staining & not painting, as stain will not chip. It may scratch, but there are cover up markers you can use for that. All you can really do now is keep up w/ the touch-ups. Sorry.

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    bypass to the backyard centre, and that they've rows and rows of backyard paints and stains. seek for something that has 'low' on the volatility decal you will discover on it. those are extra advantageous for our environment, and don't stink. you will get colored or independent, and as they're deisgned for timber they do penetrate deeply and preserve the timber. it extremely is properly worth spending the money on a superb call of woodstain, like ronseal, because it is going to final longer and so which you will finally end up paying the comparable in the long-term because of the fact the stuff it extremely is 4 quid for a great tub desires to be repainted according to annum. ensure you paint in good climate- it is going to would desire to dry good to grant the excellent protection. the excellent ones are persons that contain wax or have a waxy end- the water in simple terms bounces off! i do in comparison to those ones you spray on with a hose. a million, they make a multitude! and a couple of, you finally end up having to bypass over it with a broom besides because of the fact the spray does not get into each and all of the cracks! If the railings are steel, strip them with NitroMors (paint stripper) earlier repainting with hammerite. in the event that they're wood, in the event that they're flaking they'd have been painted with gloss or something. suited backyard stain won't flake. you may would desire to sand those down heavily- it you paint onto a flaky floor the recent stain won't penetrate the timber. satisfied portray! Oh yeah, be certain that's outdoors woodstain.

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    You should go to your local paint or hardware store and ask a expert on paint

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