How much can I expect to pay for a Saab 99 9-3 convertible top replacement?

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    10 years ago
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    It depends on what you are replacing. Are you replacing everything including motors and mounts? Are you replacing just the fabric and the window?

    I am guessing that you are asking about the fabric since that tends to go first. That part is about $625 to $650 to purchase. The glass is another $350. So it really depends on what you need to replace.

    If you go to the site I list below, it will tell you the parts needed and the cost for each part if you go directly to the manufacturers of these parts. As the other person wrote, eBay may have what you are looking for - for a little less.

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    You should be able to find a 5 year warranted cloth top and defroster glass window for around $500.00

    If the car is just a driver and you money is more important than originality, a vinyl top and window can be had for around $350.00.

    Installation is not that difficult if you have the installation DVD found here

    Regards, Karl at

    Source(s): 42 years selling and installing convertible tops.
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    $ 600- $ 1500


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