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Permanent Marker out of table cloth?

My lovely 2 year old daughter colored on my white cotton table cloth yesterday. I just noticed it today. What could I use to get it out. It was a cheap table cloth but I don't want to have to pay for another one.

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    You can remove the mark with WD-40....a product available at your local hardware store.

    WD-40 is a household product used to lubricate doors and joints that creak but it also removes ink.

    Spray the area with a thick layer of WD-40. Allow to sit for about a half an hour. Launder as usual. You might have to repeat the procedure a few times to get all the ink out. Do not machine dry the table cloth until all ink is gone. Machine drying sets stains.

    If the WD-40 leaves an oil mark behind...pretreat that with regular dish washing liquid (Dawn, Palmolive, Ajax). Allow to sit for about a half an hour. Then launder again

    If you're skeptical...it worked for this other woman who asked a similar question on Yahoo Answers: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AoOV....


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    use the wd 40 marker it will be available at the local hard ware stores

    it is used to lubricate and it can also be used to remove the ink stains

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    I'd also try an aerosol (any clear aerosol, like lysol. No paint or furniture polish). That works if there's some synthetic in the cloth. Good luck.

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    What did your daughter colour your tablecloth with? If wax crayon then try ironing it out with a brown paper - or similar (ie a bag) over the stain, then launder. If "felt-tip" pen then try a solution of "Vanish" powder made up into a paste; spread over the stain and then wash in the normal way.

    Good luck!

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