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How do I program a Hitachi C29-F550DR remote to control a Toshiba dvd player?

Remote model is CLE-946. Thanks!


Just to add; I don't have the manual and I have already tried searching the hitachi website hence the reason for asking the question here. Can you type out this section of the manual and the codes for a Toshiba dvd player? Thanks

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    Go with Robert W's Answer first.If that doesn't work, try entering Hitachi C29-F550DR Remote in the Search Box at the top of the page and look through everything that comes up.The first few Postings will offer a Code Book for sale.Skip them and keep looking and eventually you should find a site that has the Codes for free along with some ads.If that doesn't work, try The last one will have a few choices to try.Hope this helps !

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    Your tv manual will have the codes for the dvd and step by step instructions. If you don't have the manual, go to Hitachi's web site and download the instructions and codes.

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    assuming your remote is a universal one try these-019 or 008.

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