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    信用卡 Finance Charge計算方式以 Cardholder Agreement 為依歸:


    (Finance Charge for Retail Purchase 月息 2.5% )


    4.12 Finance Charge for Retail Purchase

    If the entire amount of the Statement balance is not received by the Bank on or before the payment due date, a finance charge according to the rate as specified in the Sechedule of Fees & Chrages by the Bank from time to time will be levied on

    a) the outstanding Statement balance from the transaction date and

    b) all new transactions posted after this Statement from the transaction date, notwithstanding such new transactions will not be payable until the payment due date of the next Statement

    簡單來講, 一旦你不在 due day 畀全部欠款,便馬上計算Finance Charge,而且不是從due day 算起,而是從簽單日算起。

    假設你上月的所有交易是在上一份 Statement date 之後一天簽的 ,總數HK$4,900, 你只還 min pay HK$148,這樣你有HK$4,752 outstanding。新的 Statement 會有 Finance Charge $118.8 ($4,752 X 2.5%),另外, 任何在上一份 Statement date 之後簽的賬,也按日以月息2.5% 計算。

    你還HK$2,000 的話,Finance Charge 當然會減少,只需$72.5。

    不要忘記,你如果等到新的一張Statement 上的due day才去找數, 那末你又要多付一個月的 Finance charge 了 (因為新的一張Statement 上的Finance charge, 只計算從簽單日到Statement date 這段時間)。

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