Question about anime "release dates" and Shakugan no Shana?

I've recently started watching anime, and I'm kind of confused by so called "release" dates. When an anime gets "released" or "aired" does that only mean it's JUST started playing on TV in Japan? And does that mean we would have to wait even more after the release date?

So for example if the anime Shakugan no Shana season 3 gets released in October 2009, would people (Americans) have to wait till it finishes airing in Japan till we get all the episodes all together subs included?

And speaking of Shakugan no Shana, when would season 3 be up for torrent?

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  • Butler
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    1 decade ago
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    The release date is the date that it's JUST released/aired in Japan.

    The subtitled versions that you find online are typically done by fans(with the exception of something official like Funimation's video portal or youtube channel)

    If it's a TV series, it'll usually be subbed within a few days of airing.

    When exactly the subbed version is released depends on whatever individual or group is subbing it, their skill, and their schedule.(since they do this for free)

    It also tends to depend on the popularity of the series. Sub groups tend to race to sub something like Naruto. Something a bit more obscure might take a little more time.

    If it's a movie, the release date is when it premiered in theaters in Japan.

    Movies typically aren't subtitled until after the Japanese DVD release date.

    The release date for season 3 hasn't been announced.

    When it airs, you'll probably be able to find a new/subbed episode each week within a few days after the release date.

    However, the first of the 4 episode long OVA(Original Video Animation=specials released directly to video/DVD) has been out since October.

    The second episode will be out on February 26th.

    It tends to be a slightly longer wait for subtitled OVAs.

    Season 3 will be up for torrent whenever it starts to air.

  • cdgal
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    when an anime is "released", it means it is aired on tv, and yes, in japan. this is what i have observed so far... when it's said "shana s will be released on 3rd of oct", normally we won't get to watch online or anywhere at the time of airing, unless you're in japan. we'll get to watch it via online, with fan-based subbed, only when the dvd has been released or on sale in japan... which mean we have to wait.

    so for your question about getting all the episodes all together in subs, the answer is it depends. again, take "shana s" for example. we have been notified that the first episode of s was released on 3rd of oct 2009, but the released date of the second episode will be on 26th of feb 2010. in a case like this, the first episode will be available for watching online (and possibly for downloading and streaming as well) when the dvd has been released in japan. that's goes the same for the remaining episodes. also, we have known that it will have a total of 4 episodes. when all the episodes have been aired, it is then there will have a dvd compilations of the ova s, which will be released across the globe, along with fan subbed.

    p/s: the releasing of the formats, like converted into dvd or subtitling, will be faster if the series is very popular.

    "An OVA series entitled Shakugan no Shana S began to be produced on October 23, 2009, and will be followed by a third television anime season of Shakugan no Shana." cited from the url below

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