Perpendicular to y= 8x - 1, through (4,10)?

how do i show work?

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    Well, A line that is perpendicular to: y = 8x - 1. Passes to (4,10).

    To do this problem, you must know the purpose of Slope-intercept form, and what information of the line can be drawn from the format.

    Y = MX + B

    Y is the Y value, M is the Slope, X is the X value, + or - B is the Y-intercept.

    If you did not know yet, the slope of line comparison to the slope of the line it is perpendicular to is a negative reciprocal. For example,

    Slope of one line: 4.

    Therfore, the slope of the perpendicular line is...

    4m = -1 ( -1 represents the negative reciprocal ).

    x = -1/4

    The slope of the perpendicular line is -1/4.

    Back to the original problem, the slope for this particular equation is 8.

    Therefore, similarly, the slope of the line perpendicular to it is.. ( the negative reciprocal ).

    8x = -1

    x = -1/8

    Now substitute the slope into the Y = MX + B format.

    y = (-1/8)x + b

    Substitute the given points to find the value of "B."

    10 = (-1/8)4 + b

    10 = -1/2 + b

    b = 10 + 1/2

    b = 10.5

    Therefore, substitute the value of b back into the equation.

    y = (-1/8)x + 10.5 is your answer.

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