Coin question, any tips?

Ok, so I'm really in to collecting coins and there are some specific ones I want but I don't know where to get them, i can't find any legitimate online stores...but maybe you can ;)

I'd like Aztec, Incan and Peruvian coins. But if you know of an online coin store that sells coins from awesome places including or excluding these that'd be great. thanks :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Aztec and Inca's did not use coins so none exist to be collected. Peru as well as Mexico have made modern coins with Aztec and Inca themes. You can try owned by Bob Reis is a well known and respected writer and world coin dealer as well as also a well know respected world coin dealer. You can also try to get a copy of World Coin News a monthly coin magazine.

    Source(s): 49 years a numismatist, Collector of U.S. & World coins,medals & tokens ancient through modern.
  • 1 decade ago You can get peruvian coins here. The other two i cant find but u might find on ebay or another buying/selling engine, but they are rare and might ask a hefty price.

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