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the book mary bloody mary someone please please help me im stuck?

im doing a project on this book and i forgot to read it can someone tell me in like a paragraph what happens in this book please ik would appricate it soo much (: thanks and the author is carolyn meyer

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    k well i will just give you some points about what happens

    it shows Mary Tudor as a young child and how she was declared a bastard after King Henry the 8th decided to divorce his first wife Cathrine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn. she went from princess Mary to hardly "miss Mary" in a few hours. and when princess Elizabeth was born she was made into her servant.

    and the book goes on to explain how she continued to be a devout catholic even when it was declared illegal to be catholic. and then how she was made queen after her younger brothers death, and how her crowning ceremony went and how her relationship with Elizabeth her sister (also next in line for the throne of england) went from ever so close to pure hate and then Marys persecution of Elizabeth.

    then on to how she married King Phillip of Spain and how she was 10yrs older then him and how jealous she was of his mistresses and so on.

    i think it continues until how she died of ovarian cancer.

    maybe skim through some chapters, it is actually a very easy read.

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