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why does people compare bruce lee to the ufc?

Wow, whats with everyone thinking Bruce Lee was only an actor? Really, there's a reason he's known as the number one most influential MARTIAL ARTIST of the 20th century. Above Royce Gracie, above Kazushi Sakuraba, above Mirko Cro Cop, above Ernesto Hoost, Anderson Silva, and even Yip Man, Mas Oyama, etc.

To rule him out simply because you think he was only an actor just shows that your parents must have been related and that obviuosly your the wannabe martial artist in the group. "Go on and play now Charlie, the adults are talking."

No he was not proven like others today are. However who here can honestly say that they actually could have had a chance against Bruce Lee when he was 28-30 years old? No one. Exactly. I haven't heard anything but good things about Bruce Lee from MMA guys, because those people along with REAL martial artists actually know what their talking about. Dana White, UFC president said that "Bruce Lee was the grandfather of mixed martial arts."

He might not have become a champ, but he sure as hell wouldn't haven't gotten murdered in the first few moments like some argue he would. Surely also if he competed in the 1960's and 1970's back when most everyone was still stuck within the box of a single style, he would have really been one hell of a fighter.on top of that he trained for 6 hours a day he could kick a 100 pound bag to the ceiling.could even do a two finger pushup.

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you are pathetic u think u can close me down just for something as stupid as grammar

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    First of you ask a question “Why does people compare bruce lee to the ufc?” then you explain why he should be compared to UFC… you question make is sound like he should not be compared to UFC. I don’t think would get killed, but I don’t think he would be as successful as you seem to think he would be. Any elite athletes work out for more than 6 hours a day, and many people can do two finger pushups.

    They call him the most influential MARTIAL ARTIST mainly because of the impact his movies had on people and getting them interested in martial arts. And he popularized the concept of mixing styles; he was by far NOT the grandfather of mixed martial arts that had been done for centuries. So please stop with the Bruce is God talk or you can "Go on and play now Charlie, the adults are talking." And you line “just shows that your parents must have been related” makes you out to be just a petulant child how is hero worshipping.

    Yes Bruce was a fine martial artist, would he dominate in MMA like so many who worship him think… I doubt it.

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    Bruce probably would have done well in boxing, kickboxing, or vale tudo, but in his weight class!

    He had the money, and he knew they fought full-contact in Japan and Brazil. He could have competed overseas. Bruce was my hero for a long time, but I must confess that a man is a man, and even Sugar Ray Robinson could have been knocked out by a decent heavyweight.

    There are reasons why boxing and wrestling have weight classes. Bruce was not a demigod- he could not have transcended the normal limits of human biophysics. A highly skilled cougar or leopard, if given the chance, would not pick a fight with a slower, less skilled Siberian tiger. And there is a reason why. I think some people transpose all of their hopes, dreams, fantasies, and secret desires onto Bruce, just like they do with presidents of the US. At the end of the day, no one beats phyiscs, and no one beats the system. And it is hard for some ppl to separate Bruce the real man from Bruce's movie persona.

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    Bruce Lee was not just only a actor but a very well rounded Martial artist who infact created his own style unlike the guys of the UFC those whom say different needs to educate .

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    I believe they thought he was all talk with no walk like they think with most kung fu martial artists. What people don't realize is that Bruce Lee (along with other kung fu martial artists) are trained to kill and maim. MMA gloves prevent them from doing the proper grappling/trapping moves to set up their big hits. That, and MMA simply doesn't allow well over half of the attacks associated with Kung Fu

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    Grammar is not stupid. People who speak with improper grammar are sometimes disregarded as stupid and the listener/reader never gets past the fact that you don't speak/write correctly and they never actually listen to the point you are trying to get across. There is actually nothing more attractive than intelligence. Beauty fades but no one can take away your thoughts or education.

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    Rampage Jackson

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    bruce lee would destroy anybody he would step into the ring with and people are to scared to amit that he would be the best fighter ever . he could win evey fight with a blind fold on and one arm tied behind his back bruce lee would be able to go in to the ufc and mop the floor with anybody there even lyoto machida

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    People like a good story.

    Would he have gotten killed? Would he have stood his ground?

    I don't know.

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