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How did immigrants adapt to the united stated?

social studies question plz help me with dat!

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    How did immigrants adapt to life and work in the United States in the period 1880-1921?

    Study Says Foreigners In U.S. Adapt Quickly

    It appears that they have no intention on adapting any longer.

    In a New Country, Struggling to Fit In; How Mexican immigrants adapt to life in the United States carries real policy implications.

    "In the heart of California's iconic Orange County--home to Disneyland and the bourgeois teens of MTV's Laguna Beach--is troubled Santa Ana. The county seat of 353,000, where nearly 6 out of every 10 adults lack a high school diploma, suffers from crippling poverty and an explosion in crime. With 76 percent of its population Hispanic, mostly Mexican, Santa Ana is the poster child for the troubles of the country's immigration policies and of Mexican immigrants in particular."

    Study finds integration slow for Mexican immigrants

    "Mexican immigrants take longer to assimilate into American society than people from other countries, according to a new study.

    The slower integration is because many Mexicans, the nation's largest and fastest- growing immigrant group, are here illegally, the findings show.

    The analysis by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, a libertarian think tank, measures how well immigrants fit in with native-born Americans in three areas: economic, cultural and civic. Researchers produced an index using Census data from 1890 to 2006 to compare the level of assimilation across generations."

    Mexican Immigrants Boost Ailing Economy at Home

    "Rodolfo Hernandez Villasenor, an East Los Angeles iron caster, walked into a bank recently and unfolded a neat stack of bills worth $150 to send home to his mother and five siblings in the Mexican state of Michoacan.

    Hernandez took the money out of his monthly $2,000 salary to help his family pay for tamales, hot chocolate and other fixings for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

    "They will use it to pay for a little dinner to get the whole family together," said Hernandez, 53, who immigrated to the United States 26 years ago.

    It was one of millions of such transactions conducted each year."

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    You'll need to narrow your question a tad, this subject is way too broad to answer as is. There are many ways in which immigrants must adapt whether they immigrate to the States or elsewhere. They must adapt to the local culture, the laws, food and many other things from the way in which they pronounce the spoken word to the way in which they behave. For instance what in China is considered a sign of respect in the US is often times considered subordination.

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