What do you think of Capt. Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society?

Do you think his tactics are justified, or too extreme? Do you think he's a hero or an extremist?

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    1 decade ago
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    He certainly get attention that otherwise would not happen. The world is ignorant as to what happens as regards whaling and most countries in the world are no longer in the practice of whale hunting. Japan on the other hand has hunted for food in all the areas of the world and not the least concerned about killing a whale calf - it's meat is bring a higher price at market. Japan claims it as Scientific research but that is a total lie. Japan decimated it's own area of any fish and likewise in areas where they made a 'right to fish' deal with another country.

    I think what Capt. Paul Watson does is extreme, he is a person of conviction, let me say that he is a 'knowledgeable extremist'. He is fighting to stop whales becoming extinct and until that happens and the last boat kills the last whale it will continue. Governments throughout the world should be sending navy vessels to join the protest; they probably would if enough people said they want something positive done and political protesting is totally ignored. Japan will do what Japan wants to do unless forced to stop.

    Source(s): A ships Captain - I saw it and really sickened me
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    Paul Watson and his sorry excuse for a environmental group "Sea Shepherd" are not to be trusted with donation money.

    First of all, whaling isn't illegal. What Japan has been doing falls under certain criteria of IWC. So, whenever SS says that japanese whaling is illegal, you must ignore it, because it's not true. Learn the facts, check IWC, study and learn for yourselves.

    That means that SS is unfjustified and extreme. In fact, the criminal party here is Paul Watson and his SS drones. They attack the whalers with various methods (commit felonies), just check Youtube. ...and abuse flags of other nations. This is criminal activity.

    These are the facts. See for yourselves. Check IWC and read the facts, study and learn.

  • andy
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    1 decade ago

    I think that he is a terrorist because he is trying to stop UN sanctioned events. He is no different the the other eco terrorists that release born in captivity animals and then wonder why the animals die in nature. Breaking the law especially International Law is never justified. If you don't like something then get the law changed. Also, if I was Japan, I would consider them terrorists and the next time that they attack one of my ships I would send a war ship to sink them.

  • lg
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    1 decade ago

    he is simply a terrorist/ hi sea pirate. even if is cause is just is method are worst then what he fight.

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