Questions about YG entertainment auditions!?

i'm planning on auditioning for yg but i have a question. what if u get accepted and you have to go to korea as a trainee BUT u r under 18..does it matter? will they take responsibilty of u or does a parent or gaurdian need to come with u??

IF a parent or gaurdian needs to come..wat if they cant?? does that mean just wait till ur older??? cuz i wanna audition now..btw i'm 14 yrs. old :) btw wat's a "camcamera"? cuz thats wat u have to take a picture with.

2) do they also take care of your health dentist, or checkups etc.???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    umm, for YG it does .. for your health and fr your some needs but if you're talking in career it doesn't matter how age you are as long as you're able to sing / dance / act etc well .

    of course they will take responsibility to you because you're just a under age and a foreigner, i think YG will talk to your parents if they gonna go with you or not it's absolutely in YG what they think . but yes of course parents and guardians can come.

    if they can't then you can only go, but as i said surely, they will take you their responsibility to take care .."camcamera" ? i think it's a digital or cellphone cam's i'm not really sue about that .

    do they also take care of your health dentist, or checkups etc.???

    - yes really yes , because they don't want their trainee to be weak right ?.. and for training they also don't want to train a not healthy one's ..

    so don't worry about that once you sign up to them, they are really sponsored in everything .. :D

    so goodluck to you're audition .

    and don't lack confidence that's all bye bye :D

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