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seeking home staging course (online?) I wanted to know what r some good courses and how 2...?

...find them.

I love home staging, I do it as a hobby, with no structure or formal training. I wanted to take a course and was wondering it it would be worth it. I see all these offers for home staging courses but I am trying to weed out the good vs the hype.

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    Home Staging Resource

    A very complete course that includes all of the needed forms as well as an optional marketing module to help you market your services. Their own Certification is included.

    Probably the best of the Home Staging Courses if you have the budget to invest this kind of money to get started. However, unless you do have an unlimited budget, you do not need to start at this level.

    Cost: $945 for Basic Home Staging Course + $495 for Marketing Solutions module

    Home Staging Experts

    One of my friends took this Home Staging Course and liked it although she had to come to me for some extra help with the forms she needed and advice on how to market her services. The course did seem to offer quite a bit of good information on what is needed to properly prepare a home for sale and includes more instruction on the techniques and philosophies of interior decorating than most other courses.

    Cost: $299.00 for home study course and $99 a year registration fee

    Home Staging Training Group

    This is an excellent "getting started" home staging course. It does not go into all of the detail on the mechanics of Interior Decorating as some of the more expensive courses but does cover all of the information a person needs to do a proper job of home staging and does include a complete portfolio of needed forms as well as very good advice on how to market your business with a minimum of personal effort.

    You may want to consider one of the more in-depth home staging courses at a later date, after you have some profits coming in but I have two friends that are running very nice Home Staging businesses with only this training.

    Cost: $47.00 home study course and comes with an almost unheard of Money Back Guarantee

    See more on

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    1. De-Clutter, Clean, and/or Organize all rooms in the house - This should be your very 1st step.

    2. Address any and all repairs that need attention. Inspect your house inside and out to search for cracks, etc. The small investment of time and money will mean a bigger return when it comes to the sale price.

    3. De-Clutter, clean and organize kitchen countertops and cupboards. Countertops and shelves should not be filled with food and appliances. You want your kitchen space to appear large, clean and functional.

    4. Keep the bathroom as bare as possible, never leave your personals in view when showing your home. In fact, depersonalising your whole property is a powerful selling tip. Buyers will be more attracted to your house when they can imagine themselves living there. To make your house look lived-in without looking like anyone actually lives there, pack away into storage:

    * All family photos

    * Holiday souvenirs

    * Trophies & certificates

    * Collectible items

    * Children’s artwork

    * Home Gyms that haven't been used in months

    5. Whether selling professionally or by yourself, make sure you have some fliers made up with details and photos of your house for prospective buyers to take away with them.

    6. Know that an open house should appeal to all five of the senses:

    * Sight: Open the blinds and drapes to let in natural light. Keep clutter away and consider keeping your pet out of the home for that day.

    * Smell: Put out flowers and candles in the main rooms of the home and a colorful bowl of fruit on the dining table.

    * Taste: A hot pot of coffee helps with taste and smell also.

    * Hearing. Turn off the sound on all television sets and computers, and have some easy listening or jazz music playing in the background softly.

    * Touch. Have your guests sit on the softest couch, and make sure everything is clean and dust-free.

    * Space. When showing guests around your property, let them enter the room first. In smaller rooms e.g bathrooms, stay at the door. Too many bodies in too small a space causes a problem.

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    Check out the Real Estate Staging Association Course. And the other one that I would recommend is the Debra Gould, Staging Diva.

    Good Luck!

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    That is something you cannot learn on the web. That's "hands-on". With the proper employment, you can get trained for free, and earn money doing it.. But, it's your money. Do what you want.

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