How do I make Hamster Fluff Bedding at home?

I cant afford to buy the fluff from a store. I need "safe" ideas that wont harm "Buttons" my hamster. Please help me find some ways to keep her warm with out spending money. Thanks


Yes i mean the stuff like that.

Another question:

Would the stuff they put inside quilts work?

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    Do you mean the cotton candy looking fluff that they sell for them to nest in? its no good anyways, the fibers can get wrapped around feet and cause gangreen.

    Mine liked bits of polarfleece squares (I cut up scraps from sewing, its not a regular fabic so there are no strings, and its washable for reuse) also lots of shreds of papertowels. We never used the store nesting. I also would use the unbleached fast food napkins ripped into shreds, the resteraunts always give you too many and the hamsters loved them.

    Do not use quilt stuffing / fiberfill, anything with thin fibers or threads can get wrapped around toes or feet and cause injury or limb loss.

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    Well you could get ponytail holders and put them in the place Buttons sleeps, also put a little extra bedding in her cage or where ever she sleeps and she can arrange it. I got bedding from the store and it worked good for my last hamster who sadly pasted away :( but my new hamster hated the fluff so she just uses extra bedding and hair ties. If all else fails you could cut open an old stuffed animal and use the fluff in there which is ok to use for hamsters. Hope this helps! ~Sierra

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    You don't need to use fluff, specifically; I find that Kleenex (tissues) work just as well, even better; because then the hamster can shred them to their liking. They keep the hamster quite warm. Just grab 4 or 5 tissues and watch the fun! :) You may need more, depending on your hamster and her size. Paper towels are a bit coarse so I don't use those.

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    good for those who are not able to manage to pay for the bedding then you definitely do not need purchased your hamster. simply please be certain your hamster is in a twine cage and now not an aquarium or plastic cage (the ones suck the existence out of rodent's) rip up plenty of paper towels, not anything else, for those who use paper with ink adding newspaper, this may increasingly kill them. bathroom paper can kill them too. paper towels is the most secure factor however they will have to simplest be a replacement (now not everlasting) for a couple of days, for those who are not able to manage to pay for to get your hamster what he/she demands then you definitely ought to provide him to a few one that can and can. i advise care recent bedding it's delicate and has no picket shavings, it deodorizes with out scents that may damage your critter. i even have placed a few of my blank, delicate, washed, historic shirts in my rats cage they usually love them (they bite, and sleep in them) paper towels is the exceptional factor you'll use however just for a million-two days then you definitely need to get care recent bedding, if you do not them provide your hamster to a few one for you to and will manage to pay for too.

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  • Cheif
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    lots of taped cotton soft

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