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What do you think about Haiti's 2nd earth quake to date?

as if haiti wasnt poor enough b4 the earth quake happend and then guess what a second one! do you now agree with what Pat Robertson said before i'll post the link so you can see it

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I do not think too much about the second earthquake. Actually it was an aftershock.

    Pat Robinson is a has been. Money Talks. Make a statement accreted to God and reap a profit.

    There is voodoo being practiced in many parts of the world, yet, no earthquakes, volcano's or other natural disasters. Look at the United States. Mt. St. Helen's exploding. A natural disaster, or did God do it? Why? Because of some sin we committed?

    Source(s): My belief that Pat Robinson is a fraud.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Poor Pat just needs to retire. Earthquakes are usually the result of two land masses slipping up, down, side to side or colliding with each other along a fault line. People can choose to assign some mystical meaning to these events or can choose to find opportunity to keep their optimism up and perhaps replan the city and its buildings to better withstand earthquakes.

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