I will be traveling to Pittsburgh in June for a Pirates game. What hotels do you recommend? What things to do?

There will be four of us - all adults. We will be staying about 3 days. First time to Pittsburgh for all of us!

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    I highly recommend visiting The National Aviary, The Pittsburgh Zoo, ride the Duquense and Monongahela Inclines for a beautfiul view of the city, and take a Pittsburgh Ducks tour (it's a land/water narrated tour of Pittsburgh and plenty of fun).

    I stayed near the airport at the Motel 6 Corapolis, which is good if you're renting a car. It's a clean hotel, close to the Interstate, and inexpensive.

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    I live there!! =D

    The sheraton in station square is really nice...there's also the William Penn downtown, but there are lots of other hotels soo idk.

    You can go to Kennywood or Sandcastle if you're bored. =)

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