Buying Microsoft Xbox 360?

Hi again, nobody really answered my question last time, but...

Would buying a Xbox 360 from the Microsoft site be more likely to be a Jasper model? or a definite?


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    XBOX 360

    I bought the 360 when it came out (stood in a long line and waited and waited to get it).

    I'm likely one of the few who never had a problem with his 360 (doesn't mean I wasn't paranoid), but I never had a problem. I sold my launch console to grab the HDMI version (the falcon) and still wasn't that happy with it.

    It was hot, made lots of sound, and I was always paranoid thinking (this might be the last game I ever get to play, better rush it).

    It got so bad I started buying multi platform games for the ps3 (even though back then the ps3 version was inferior to the 360). Only using the 360 for netflix and forza.

    That all changed when M$ came out with this model. It fixes everything.

    No sound, (with this large harddrive, be sure to install all your games just to be "extra safe" my cousin's dvd drive has died twice (2 different consoles), and because of this I always recommend getting the bigger harddrive and installing (now that I have this elite, it's not a problem).

    This guy is quite, does not make the temperature rise in the house, and most important, I can just sit back and play xbox now without the worry and fear that previous consumed me.

    I will discuss xbox vs ps3 at the end before my final recommendation.


    Xbox 360 Elite Holiday - Comes with 2 games (both can be throwaways I did not buy this for those games and never played them, but hey, they are 2 games you get for free).

    Black Console (looks better in my room, black tv, black ps3, black tv stand, black speakers, black controller, may as well have a black console (got rid of my wii)).

    Big Harddrive (you can go crazy on the marketplace, downloading demos, getting xbl games, and installing the games you get from amazon to HD and ensure they don't get scratched or spin like crazy making your room hotter (and the box get loud).

    Quite (is this thing on?!) No sound, no loud as all fan, just quite, not even near as hot fun 360 gaming.


    My heat bill may go up this year. Usually I just turn on my 360 and play call of duty, 30 minutes later you can take off your eskimo gear and put on your swimming trunks (even in 0 degree temperature) and still be hot. NOT SO with the new elite ;( Now when I play the temperature doesn't change! So if you use this instead of buying a heater for your house, buy an older model off the amazon marketplace.

    Still no built in wifi (really?)

    Comes with stand AV cables (you know, the ones that come with the ARCADE!)

    Comes with 2 games you could care less about (last year's bundle wasn't much better either).

    Xbox 360 VS PS3 (if you can choose only 1)

    Xbox 360 PROs

    Better Multi Platform Games

    Most of the time better graphics (except for first part ps3 exclusives)

    Better live interface (the xbox dashboard being far superior to the ps3 dashboard)

    Better Remote (Half True) It's IR (which stinks as you have to be in line of sight) but the lights glow in the dark (you win some you loose some).

    360 charge and play kit beats the free usb cable you get with the ps3 (it's just so small!)

    Xbox 360 Cons

    Not as good of an exclusive lineup of games (let's be honest)

    Hardware failure rate (that I'm about 90% sure this model fixes)

    You have to pay to go online.

    You have to pay for everything with the 360 (they pull you in with the "low" price, and then make you pay pay pay. Want to play online? 50 a year, want wifi? 100, want HDMI cable, gimmie 60 and so on and so on (I would bring up the HD-DVD player, but that would be cruel, and yes I did buy that the day it came out!)

    PS3 Pros

    Better exclusive games (to be honest, the 360 has far more games, but the ps3 exclusives are generally very good and anyone who enjoys games should play them).

    Cheaper (you may say they cost the same, but when you factor in what I wrote above (wifi, charge kit, xbox live service, and more) it does get up there (making it the most expensive).


    Built in wifi, no need in buying a battery kit or a plug n play kit

    Online is free

    Netflix works without having to pay anything (other than your netflix fee) opposed to having to be a "gold" member like you do on xbox.

    PS3 Cons

    Lackluster multi platform support (on older games, not really the case now)

    Not as many games

    Bottomline? A 360 you can actually play, buy it and use and be safe in knowing that (it could!) last you a good 5 years or more. Something unheard of previously ;)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I guess it will be all a question of stock levels. I doubt they will be sending out ONLY jasper models if they have stock still of the older ones. The only way I know of telling is the power consumption but you would need to buy on before you could find out.

    See this page for more details

    I would ask microsoft before you buy, Maybe try and request the Jasper

    Hope this helps

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  • 1 decade ago

    Umm u should ask microsoft for one it might me a little bit more or maybe it wont cange price at all also If they say no I recommend getting a an Elite I think thier lives Are better than the original ones so go ahead try ur luck btw u r gunna need xbox for HAlo Reach which is gunna fucke everbodys xbox btw. :)

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  • Sarah
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    4 years ago

    No. And what would be the point? If you've got the money to get microsoft points, then just go buy the console instead of the points. Der.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Buy a good pc for gaming

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