I need a pastoral reference. What types of people could this be from?

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I know that this is a religious reference. I went to a Christian college. Could it be from my Christian RA and leader of devotional group? Does it have to be from a pastor?
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Someone who has acted in the capacity of a pastor over you. Do you go to Church? If you don't you may be at a loss here but it's never too late to start.
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  • kittyfood answered 4 years ago
    yes a pastor. someone who is ordained.
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  • Joe P answered 4 years ago
    I don't understand. What is a "pastoral reference"? Are you talking about bible commentaries?

    Some bible commentaries:
    John MacArthur
    Albert Barnes
    Adam Clarke
    John Darby
    John Gill
    Matthew Henry
    John Wesley
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