Help me please!!! I'm in the middle of a job application form??? I need quick answers please!!!?

What does this mean??

Personal value * Tell us about a personal value that is important to you and how you have demonstrated this in a work environment.

Can anyone break it down for me??? So I can type in the appropriate answer in this box on my form please!!!

Thank you so much

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    Hey Lee,

    A personal value is a personal trait or ideal which you have which might help the company in which you are applying for. eg. honesty.

    You could name the value and then (optional) write about a situation in which you showed this value in your workplace. I fyou havn't worked before, use a situation from school.

    Source(s): My head and experience applying for jobs
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    A value is a Virtue - There are lots of virtues - clean living, honesty, family values, - I don't know what kind of work you did before that would relate to something that you might have done that would be viturous in an employers mind - but try chastity - you didn't go out with the office wolf. Or you caught somebody with their hand in the till, and you reported it. Or you saw a customer on her last dime and paid for her dinner - get the idea?

  • 1 decade ago

    They're asking for some personal characteristic and what you did to show you have it: Honesty, diligence, perseverance, integrity,... I'll leave it to you to speak about what you have done that demonstrates that you have that attribute.

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