Who is Roman Polanski?

Hello, I am very interested in learning about the Sharon Tate murder, so I was looking up on it and I saw the name "Roman Polanski"

I have heard that he is a pedophile or somthing like that, but I am confused..

Was Sharon Tate married to him.. or I don't know, I'm very confused.

Please help, thanks ! :D


Or if he did anything to sharon tate's daughter if she had one?!

Lots of info please !

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    Yes, Roman Polanski was married to Sharon Tate, He was a famous movie director at the time, and she was an actress and model. Sharon was pregnent with her first child with Polanski when she was murdered by Charles Manson and his followers..

    Roman Polanski is also was a fugitive from the US back in the 70's after he had sex with a 13 year old, he fled the country so he couldnt be charged and prosacuted, he was just recently caught in a foriegn country, and waiting to be extradited back to the US to face charges

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    Roman Polanski Is A Very Accomplished Hollywood Director, Especially During The Era Of His Wife's Death. He Was Married To Sharon Tate, Who Was Murdered Along With Her Unborn Child By The Manson Family In 1969.

    He Was Arrested For The Sexual Assault Of 13 Year Old Samantha Geimer And Plead Guilty To Unlawful Sexual Intercourse With A Minor In 1977-78. Multiple Celebrities Defended Polanski, Stating That No One Knew Geimer's Real Age And That She Appeared To Be Any Age Up To 25. He Fled To France And Has Since Been Living There With His New Family, And Was Arrested In Switzerland This Past September To Face Sentencing In The US.

    His Filmography Can be Found In The Link Below

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    Yeah well they already told you up there, Sharon was his wife and she was murdered by the Mansons while being pregnant. Roman was on a business trip, so he had nothing to do with that. About him being a pedophile, true. For more info visit wiki

    I just wanted to say that before he was arrested by the Swiss police last september, I didnt know about that sexual assault incident (a 13-14 year old girl, how sicker can you get), no clue whatsoever. I was (and still am I confess) a great fan of his work, probably Rosemary's baby, Chinatown and the Pianist are his most known works, though he has many others.

    It's hard to believe someone capable of making something so beautiful as The pianist could also be capable of something so awful, but it's true, it did happen. I guess we people never stop surprising and disappointing each other.

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    Roman Polanski is a film writer, director, and producer. He's been making movies since the 1950s. His better-known movies are Rosemary's Baby, Tess, and The Pianist.

    He was married to Sharon Tate. She was pregnant when she was murdered at her house. Polanski was questioned but was found innocent of playing any part in the murder. He left the country for several years. Later, members of the Manson family confessed to the murder.

    In 1977, he was convicted of having sex with a minor. He left the United States, which had a warrant for his arrest for the past 32 years. No country bothered to arrest him until he was arrested by the Swiss in 2009. The U.S. had finally issued an international arrest warrant for him in 2005.

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    Roman Polanski is an AMAZING director of some brilliant movies

    Just The Facts In A Nutshell:

    He was married to Sharon Tate at the time of the murders

    He was out of the country at the time

    Sharon Tate never had a child - she was 9 months pregnant with Polanski's child when she died. The child died as well. Gruesome murder

    A few years later he was at Jack Nicholson's house and took a 13 year old girl there. He gave her Quaaludes (a popular drug/tranquilizer at the time) and alcohol..........and had sex with her in a hot tub.

    He left the country to avoid prosecution.

    He was recently - 30 years later - taken into custody by foreign officials and is being extradited to the US to stand trial for his Statutory Rape crime.

    The 13 year old girl in question - now in her 40's - refuses to press charges and says it was consensual.

    Update: Wilhelmina, Sharon was not visiting friends. The murder took place at her and Polanski's home. Unfortunate friends were visiting her at the time.

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    He is a f***en pedophile busted for drugging and raping a 13 year old child. Actress Nastasjia Kinski admitted to having sex with him when she was 14. I read about that one when she was 19, she admitted it so he couldn't be prosecuted because of hearsay. Just because she consented he had the responsibility to leave her alone. He was married to Sharon Tate a beautiful sweet lady and new in movies. It was an accidental case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for poor Ms. Tate. Her husband was filming a movie in Europe and she was very much pregnant and was visiting friends when the murders occurred. I hope Polanski gets kicked in the nuts everyday he is in prison when prosecuted. It is currently pending because he was extradited from, I think, Sweden to the USA after hiding in Europe. I forgot which country he was hiding, but it was well known for many years that if he stepped foot on American soil his refugee status is over to face justice.

    Source(s): Sharon Tate's baby would be just a little younger than me if the murders never happened
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    Polanski was Sharon Tate's husband. She was pregnant with his baby when she was murdered by the Manson gang.

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    Who isn't Roman Polanski?

    There is a lot of history to that man

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    One of the grossest, wrinkly men on the planet, in my opinion.

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