Toth has been indentified with Hermes. Both are respectfully known as the Logos in their own cultures.?

Jesus is known as the Christian Logos. It is said "Toth was personification of the universal order, The "heart and tongue" of the Sun God Ra who "spoke the words" which resulted in the creation of the heavens and earth. (Budge, Gods of the Egyptians I,Pgs.407-08). Iamblichus ,On the Mysteries 7.1, Taylor translation pg,300. States that Toth was the revealer of Priestly Knowledge. "Hermes (The Greek Toth) is the Word who has expressed and fashioned the things that have been, that are and that will be" (Hippolytus,Refutations against all Heresies 5.2 (Ante-Nicene Fathers,V50), Translation by Doresse, Secret Book of the Egyptian Gnostics,84). It seems odd that the Egyptian, Greek and Christian mythologies all have their" Logos" as the means by which creation was performed, yet Christians don't accept this. Jesus,the Christian Logos being the youngest of the trio, but still a creator (1Cols. 1;-15-18). The facts are there. Why not accept this? P.S. Hermetic writings began to appear around 150 B.C., long before Jesus. The Logos appeared in Plato's works, this long before Jesus. You can't say that the Greeks copied this from Christianity.

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    Look Christians don't even answer this question. Justin Martyr the only Christian writer who acknowledged these facts, had one answer: "It was the devil" ..of course it was! I suppose he travelled back in time :?

    Christianity is just another parody.

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    And so is the JudeoChristian God: Alpha and Omega­.

    You will understand that this is an ill-advised place to submit this level of research.

    It would be far too demanding on any participant to research what you propose to give any kind of answer which would be fair to the question.

    Or in other words, nobody will do that kind of work for free.

    I think you've got yourself a damn good idea for a project.

    But the opposition you'll find here, if any real one, will be meaningless.

    Short version: This is not the right place.

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    Christ, Hermes, and Thoth as the logos, and thus cultural analogues is not a new idea, not in the least.

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    What is the relevance?

    Do those cultures exist now? . . or are they dead and gone?

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