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hey, are there any porn movies that are parodies of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories?



specifically videos of Holmes/Watson...WE JUST REALLY WANT TO KNOW, OK?

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    There seem to be a few items listed in this bibliographic website.

    C12776. MacDonald, Brian R. "The Pornographic Holmes," Afghanistanzas, 3, No. 10 (August 1979), 7-9.

    ----------. ----------, BC, 5, No. 7 (November 1988).

    An informative survey of erotic parodies, pastiches, drawings, cartoons, comic strips, and other gross but occasionally amusing items featuring the Great Detective.

    C13039. Hoffmann, Frank A. "The Victorian Sexual Subculture: Some Notes and a Speculation," BSJ, 35, No. 1 (March 1985), 19-22.

    In contrast to its prudish facade, Victorian England possessed an active sexual subculture that rivalled the semi-open contemporary English and American sexual subcultures. It ran the gamut from prostitution to sex clubs to pornographic publishing to sexual child abuse. Its extent and nature were meticulously documented by two contrasting figures: Henry Spencer Ashbee, who compiled and published three thick bibliographies of erotic publications, and whose extensive library of erotica forms the core of what is now the British Museum's Private Case collection; and the unknown compiler of My Secret Life, a massive (originally eleven volumes) privately published autobiography, graphically documenting the author's thousands of sexual encounters, on every social and economic level, over a period of more than forty years. With such a backdrop, it is interesting to speculate about which of Holmes's unwritten adventures probed into that subculture but were withheld from the public through Watson's sense of delicacy in such matters.

    C19671. -- B4332. The American Adventures of Surelick Holms. New York: Hand in Hand Films, 1975. 93 min. color. Rated: X (all-male cast).

    Premiere: New York: Adonis Theatre.

    Also advertised under titles: The American Adventures of Sureluck Holms, The Gay Adventures of Sureluck Holms, and The Hot Adventures of Surelick Holms.

    Credits: Producer, Leo the Lion; Director, Ralph Ell.

    Cast: Larry Chandler (Surelick Holms), Frank Massey (Watson), Zebedy Colt (Charles Head... Private Dick), Rick Valentine (The Butler), Bill White (S & M Black Dude), Barry Warfel (Maryorty), Chris von Brenner (Mr. Rich *****), Mark and David (Young Lovers).

    Review: Chicago Tribune/Arts & Fun (August 24, 1975) (Gene Siskel).

    C19672. -- B4333. The Adventures of Shirley Holmes. 1975. Rated: X

    Premiere: New York: Lincoln Art, November 19, 1975.

    Also advertised under title: The Adventures of Sexy Holmes (New York Post, December 19, 1976).

    C19673. -- B4334. Sherlick Holmes. Webster, January 1976. color. Rated: X

    Credits: Producer, Ralph Ell; Director, Tim McCoy.

    Cast: Harry Reems, Zebedy Colt, Bobby Astyr, Elvera, Candy Love, Annie Sprinkle.

    "The master spy steps into the master bedroom."

    C24386. Fell, David. "Sheerluck Holds in the Case of the Diddled Divorce," Fling, 23, No. 6 (March 1981), 23; 24, No. 1 (May 1981), 59; 24, No. 2 (July 1981), 59.

    A pornographic comic strip.

    C24387. Fell, David. "Sheerluck in the Case of the Missing Maidenhead," Fling, 24, No. 3 (September 1981), 59; 24, No. 4 (November 1981), 59; 24, No. 6 (March 1982), 59.

    A pornographic comic strip.

    C24388. Fell, David. "Sheerluck: The Night of the Living Zipper," Fling, 25, No. 4 (November 1982), 59-61.

    Another pornographic cartoon strip featuring Sheerluck, Dr. Watson (as a woman!) and Jack the Zipper.

    C24403. Garrett, Kelly, and Tom Garst. "Honey," Text: Kelly Garrett. Art: Tom Garst. Hustler, 6, No. 9 (March 1980), 109-112.

    A pornographic strip featuring Bishop Richard of Watergate (Nixon), Sherlock Holmes (Johnny Carson), and Dr. Watson (Ed McMahon).

    C24434. -- B5777. Holmes, Rand. "The Continuing Adventures of Harold Hedd," Written and drawn fer yew by Rand Holmes. Guerilla [Toronto], 2, No. 10 (August 18, 1971), 15; 2, No. 11 (September 1, 1971), 6.

    ----------. ----------, The Collected Adventures of Harold Hedd. Vancouver: Georgia Straight, 1972. p. 6-7.

    Holmes is called in by Prime Minister Trudeau to locate the importers of grass and ends up being perverted by both grass and pornography himself. (A political and pornographic "comic" strip of the worst kind!)

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    It was Strand Magazine which introduced most of the Holmes stories to the public and made Doyle famous. But Doyle felt he was capable of better things. In the 24th story, The Final Problem, Doyle killed Holmes in a struggle with Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls. The public outcry was astonishing. Black armbands were worn and letters of protest flooded the offices of Strand Magazine. Eventually, in 1901, Doyle was persuaded to resurrect the great detective and The Hound of the Baskervilles was published. The story was set before Holmes' disappearance, so it was not a real comeback. But in 1903, Holmes did reappear, much to the delight of his fans, in a story called The Empty House. By the time of his death in 1930, Doyle had written no less than 60 Holmes adventures. Holmes finally `retired' in 1927, when Conan Doyle wrote: "And so, reader, farewell to Sherlock Holmes! I thank you for your past constancy, and can but hope that some return has been made in the shape of that distraction from the worries of life and stimulating change of thought, which can only be found in the fairy kingdom of romance."

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    hey, are there any porn movies that are parodies of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories?


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    Sherlock Holmes was a much beloved character in literature of the time and the public cried out for more. Solving mysteries was a much enjoyed passtime among Victorian readers. Remember at that time communication was better and there were more crimes being reported in the news - like for instance Jack the Ripper and people had a morbid fascination with crime and Sherlock was their favorite fictional detective. All authors should be so lucky to create such a beloved character. C.

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