Can HPV be transmitted through oral sex ?

I had some abnormal cells on my PAP tests and am being followed for it. The Doc said it was most likely HPV related (not the genital warts kind) I have no symptoms at all.

I have a new (stable) partner. We use condoms whenever there is penetration. But we were wondering if it would be ok for him to give me oral sex ? Can he get HPV that way ? I think it didn't really affect men, just women- giving them cervical cancer ?

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    Yes, genital HPV types can be transmitted during oral sex.

    Condoms don't prevent the transmission of HPV...HPV can be transmitted during hand to sex play.

    HPV does affect men...they just don't have the same health burdens as a women they can't get cervical men genital HPV is linked to cancer of the penis..but this cancer is rare.

    Oral sex can get most men's attention. The topic becomes considerably more relevant, however, when coupled with a new study linking the human papillomavirus (HPV) to an increased risk of a kind of oral cancer more often seen in men.

    The study, which appears in this week's New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), shows that men and women who reported having six or more oral-sex partners during their lifetime had a nearly ninefold increased risk of developing cancer of the tonsils or at the base of the tongue. Of the 300 study participants, those infected with HPV were also 32 times more likely to develop this type of oral cancer than those who did not have the virus. These findings dwarf the increased risk of developing this so-called oropharyngeal cancer associated with the two major risk factors: smoking (3 times greater) or drinking (2.5 times greater). HPV infection drives cancerous growth, as it is widely understood to do in the cervix. But unlike cervical cancer, this type of oral cancer is more prevalent in men.

    Read more:,8599,161...

    Oral Sex Cause of Throat Cancer Rise

    Experts Say They Fear Epidemic of Throat Cancer Caused by HPV Infection

    At the oral cancer foundations website under the HPV connection there is a very good youtube clip.

    HPV is a common sexually transmission infection.

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    HPV transmission typically occurs through direct skin-to-skin contact, including genital-to-genital contact. In fact, the virus is spread easily between sexual partners, making it one of the most common STDs. And because there are often no signs or symptoms, most infected people are unaware that HPV transmission has occurred. A pregnant woman can transmit HPV to her baby during vaginal delivery, but this is extremely rare.

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    First of all CONDOMS ARE NOT GOOD PROTECTION AGAINST HPV. They reduce it's transmission slightly. If you've had sex with him several time, he already has it.

    Second, MOST people get HPV just as soon as they start having sex. It's an unavoidable fact of life if you want to have sex ever. It just does nothing in most people.

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    it still can be transmitted that way. i hear that it is even more of a risk with oral sex than wiith itercourse... just wht i heard from a speaker who came to my school.

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    I believe so, i think it will turn into oral warts

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