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Bananas. Is it about the size of a penis?

O.K. This question is for girls. My question is I see a bananas. The average size bananas, & I was wondering is that similar too the size penis many girls like, or put another way if a guy have a penis as thick as the average bananas would it feel good. The reason I ask is because having something that size stuck into me does not sound enjoyable, or like something that would feel good. Sorry about it being out of left field, but I was just wondering.

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    Dear god, honey... your first mistake was putting this in the men's health section. Not only are men going to exaggerate their size, but as you can see, they haven't answered your question. Why? Because they most likely aren't banana sized, and don't want to say so, because they think it means their penises might be smaller than average.

    Allow me to explain this not only for you, but for all the poor insecure men out there:

    The average penis length for a full grown man from tip to the base of the shaft is approximately 5 - 6 inches. Even if they aren't exaggerating, men are notoriously bad at measuring their own penises, so don't go trusting what you hear around. I can't quite remember the average width, I believe it is around 1.5" or maybe a bit more, but I do know that, and allow me to make a strong note of this, again, for all the ignorant men:


    The reason for this is that the two most intense areas of sexual pleasure in a women, the Clitoris and the G-spot, are not at all "deep" within a woman's vagina. In fact, it has been suggested that most increases in pleasure due to larger-than-average length is actually all in the girls head. The fact of the matter is that the end part of the vagina, the cervix, does not have that many nerve endings. 4"+ is said to be sufficiently large for most women, and anything over 6" can be too much for many as well. However, a thicker penis will better stimulate the clitoris during normal intercourse.

    Sorry for the digression from your question, but men really need to know this stuff. For their own good, and self esteem. ;P

    P.S.: Keep in mind that this is all averages, and varies a lot from women to women, and also based on experience with cock. I like larger than this average, and I have friends who can't take anything larger than 5" all the way in without it hurting.

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    Banana *****

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    not always.. over here in Australia, the average banana is much bigger than 7 inches and much thicker

    but answering to ur question, if something similer size struck to you and if u dont enjoy, u r may be new to this and the more u practise, or enjoy, the more u will get used to it.. the part down there has much better capacity to take it bigger sizes.. so keep practicing and dont start with bigger size and length..

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    Banana's are all different sizes. So are penises. They are kind of the same shape.

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    Sounds like a good size to me

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    Well, trust me 99.9 % of girls like a huge size penis, I mean around 7 inches, if you think you have too big penis :) you are wrong, cuz girls LOVE big *****. :D

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    If this question is for 'girls' - why didn't you ask it in Women's Health?

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