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Is downloading movies in Canada illegal?

If I were to download a movie off a site like Pirate Bay and then either watch it on my computer or burn it to disk for personal use only, would that be illegal?

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    it is legal to download music in canada, but i don't think movies are legal. my friend was downloading movies via torrent, and he got a copyright notice email from his isp. i downloaded software (windows vista, gts sa crack) by torrent and was also emailed a few times. the emails had instructions to delete the torrent from my computer and/or network and then email back if i complied. luckily that didn't end in a lawsuit.

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    I usually watch movies on cinema but i also love to have a copy on my hard drive


    They have some movies available for free


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    You can view the item totally free applying:

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    Yes...end of.

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