Mardi Gras 2010 with family and need some pointers....?

I will be arriving with my family on the 15th...And will be there until the 20th...I have never been there before and am very excited to be going, but am wanting some pointers on the do's and dont's...Tours, food, shopping, and the whole nine yards...So any information you can give me would be appreciated...Thank You,,,,We will be staying with my husbands family in Slidell...It will be me hubby, my mom, his mom, his grandma, and our three kids...


My kids are all under 6, but thought we could do the family stuff during the day and then have adult time at night....I'm just ready to go now!! lol We live in Oklahoma...Just north of Texas...

Update 2:

Mz whatever the he?? your name is...It's just common sense that Slidell is NOT New Orleans....And FYI You're white deal with it!!! Quit trying to be black...BE YOURSELF!!!!!

Update 3:

Mz whatever the he?? your name is...It's just common sense that Slidell is NOT New Orleans....And FYI You're white deal with it!!! Quit trying to be black...BE YOURSELF!!!!!

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    When you go to the parades and some of the float riders throw some beads, or other things (they are all called "throws") at you, and you miss it, and it hits the ground, put your foot on it! Do not attempt to pick it up with your hand! Someone else is going to try to claim it by putting their foot on it and they are going to stomp on your hand! So, your stomp first, then reach down and pick it up! Now, that's 100% pure insider information ! Oh, and learn to yell, "Throw me something Mister!" to get plenty throws.


    Do: Costume, it makes Mardi Gras so much more fun, especially for kids.

    Do: Check out the Mardi Gras Indians in the Treme neighborhood, also look for the Skull & Bone men and the Babydolls (more real insider stuff !).

    Food? With kids and on a budget, try Maspero's on Decatur and Toulouse. Hugh sandwiches and other stuff at a fair price. Also, try Fiorellas in the 1100 block of Decatur for a variety of local dishes at a fair price. Also, be sure to get a King Cake (any grocery or bakery) for a Mardi Gras tradition. Lot's of people like to bring a box of Popeye's to the parades. Lot's also cook their on on the routes, just like tailgating at a football game.

    Shopping you can do at home, spend your money here on something different.

    Tours, try to avoid them and just explore on your own. If you're going to be in Slidell you'll need a car anyway.

    Do: The St. Charles Avenue Streetcar ($1.25 each way). Kids (and adults) love it.

    Do. The Algiers Ferry across the Mississippi River (free for pedestrians, $1.00 for cars). Kids (and adults) love it.

    Do: The French Quarter (by the 15th, Lundi Gras - Monday) the college weekend drunks will be gone and it will be very pleasant and safe. Concentrate on Royal Street.

    Do: The Cabildo, the main Louisiana State Museum on Jackson Square.

    Do: The other French Quarter museums; The 1850 House, the Presbytere, the Historic New Orleans Voodoo Museum, the Hermann-Grimma House,the Musee Conti Wax Museum.

    Do: The Cafe DuMonde on Decatur and St. Ann for the original beignets and cafe a lait.

    Do: The Audubon Zoo, rated on of the best in the world.

    Do: City Park and Bayou St. John for a taste of Louisiana nature.

    Do: Jean Lafitte National Park for serious Louisiana nature (alligators, snakes, etc.)

    Do: Chalmette National Battlefield to visit the site of the Battle of New Orleans.

    Do: Ft. Pike State Park because it so close to Slidell.

    Do: Bud's Broiler for real hamburgers and stuff at a very good price (they're several, but the one on City Park Avenue has the most character, there is also at least one in Slidell).

    Don't: waste your time or money at McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc. - you can do that home.

    Do: Mandina's on (3800) Canal Street for the best local food, casual dining and fair prices (but be prepared, they do not take credit cards, as is the case with many New Orleans restaurants).

    Do: drink Barq's - It's Good (seriously, that their logo!) It's a local root beer preferred with poboy sandwiches.

    Do: Visit the Cities of the Dead (our above ground cemeteries), they are so popular, some people are dying to get in to them. (St. Louis #1 on Basin Street has the tomb of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen!).

    Don't: spend too much time in Slidell, it's nice, but it's not New Orleans and that's what you came here for.

    Do: Enjoy the Mardi Gras Mambo (music) and Second Line (dance) all you want.

    Don't: Go to Mardi Gras in Metairie, or anywhere, but New Orleans. Why come here to see the real thing then settle for a suburban copy?

    Do: Remember that Mardi Gras exist only because the next day is the start of Lent so be sure to get your ashes on Ash Wednesday.

    Don't: Be turned away by negative opinions of Mardi Gras being too wild or unsafe, it's neither.

    Don't: Drink and drive.

    Do: Have fun !!!!

    Source(s): I was born, raised and still live here. Nobody loves Mardi Gras more than children. It's really a wonderful friendly exprience where everyone is your host and is happy to see you! I've done Mardi Gras every year of my life - it's my favorite time!
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    book soon-- you will have more choices. the rooms do fill up...but mainly for the big weekend of fat tuesday. if you want a budget stay, consider a Hotel in metairie or kenner. you'll spend about half what the quarter or uptown/garden district will charge. then again, location is sometimes the key. one old rn down place worth a look is corn stalk inn. it is cool-- elvis stayed there many times. it has a great story (fence) and it is in the heart of the quarter. hey, it's old; but classic. otherwise, you can get a number of deals by shopping online. let a hotel search site find comp prices for you. International House is a cool, contemp place one block away from qtr that is very nice.

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    Hmm, I would definitely try the tours down in the french quarter, I recommend the ghost tours but I don't know if that would accomodate your kids depending on how old they are. Of course you need to know good places to eat. I would recommed Maspero's. When in the quarter stop by Marie Laveau's fun fun. Hmm, just be sure to get out on the neutral ground for the parades early to get a good spot, and you definitely want a location next to a Mcdonald's or something for restroom breaks and some food. HAVE FUN :)

    Source(s): I live in NOLA
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    for your first one, try a day parade in Metairie or somewhere other than New Orleans.

    make sure your kids know what to do if they get lost or separated from you, phone and address etc.

    be very careful where you park, just because you see other people parking on the neutral grounds or someone else's front yard don't do it, the worst is having your car towed.

    never use your hand to pick up a doubloon if other people are around, someone might step on it.

    don't fight over beads or throws, I know it sounds like something you'd never do but, sometimes ppl get caught up in hoopla and get carried away.

    scout a place to use the bathroom avoid going outdoors, that's one thing cops frown on.

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    With a child so young watch all the parades uptown by fat harry's or the columns hotel and do not watch them on canal street. You can bring chairs a ladder and ice chest so you can sit and watch the parades. Canal Street is terrible for watching parades i do not feel safe watching parades there. Go on a airboat atchafalaya basin tour if you have time and a carriage ride. You can even bring a drink and some beads to throw. The french quarter has a lot of great small boutiques. I don't like the Riverwalk stores they are mostly touristy places. The only thing good about the riverwalk is the Fudge place and the cooking school. If you can want to go to a mall i suggest Canal Place. Also magazine street has a lot of great shopping and restaurants and bars. I think your child would also love the zoo, aquarium and the childrens museum. Take the kids to day parades on st. charles avenue by the columns hotel or by fat harry's. It is so great we used to watch them when we were babies in front of the hotel next to superior grill by the columns hotel. The kids will love it!!! Mardi gras day dress them up in costumes!


    Pat O's, Lafittes Blacksmith shop, Columns Hotel Bar( Not in Quarter But has awesome big porch on st. charles avenue), Absinthe House, , Bombay club

    Favorite FQ BAR- Lafittes and Pat o's, Carousel Bar, Goldmine,


    Brennans, ( Best Brunch) Awesome redfish and turtle soup

    Jaquimos( Best Alligator Cheesecake and blackened red fish),

    Dick and Jennys(Love this place! Everything is good. wear jeans!)

    Rio Mar


    Napolean House

    Commanders Palace(MY FAV)

    Muriels(Turtle Soup, Goat Cheese Crepes, and Pecan crusted drum),

    Clover Grill

    Coffee Pot (FAVORITE RED BEANS and breakfast),

    Upperline, Yummy turtle soup and fish


    Gumbo Shop,

    Napolean House( FAV. LUNCH SPOT),

    One on Hampson( BEST DUCK GUMBO)


    Crepe Nanou (Grilled Amberjack with Bearnaise awesome)

    Tommys Restaurant

    Brigtsens( Everything is AWESOME),

    Yo mama bar and grill( BEST HAMBURGERS)


    Domileses(awesome poboys, FRIED SHRIMP and Roast Beef are my fav!),

    Cochon( BEst cochon du lait)

    Favorite coffee- Cafe du monde

    Favorite dessert- Commanders

    Must Sees: Jackson Square, St Louis Cathedral, Cafe Du Monde, Riverboat(don't eat there the food is terrible) Zoo, Aquarium, Historic New Orleans Collection, Royal St. Antiques, Magazine Street Shopping, Airboat Swamp tour, Mardi Gras World, Ride the Streetcar,

    Museum- Historic New Orleans Collection, Ogden, Dday, the cabildo, Pharmacy, Confederate Museum, US Mint...Childrens Museum.

    Music- Check out who is playing at local venues...

    Frenchman st!!(snug Harbour, DBA, Spotted Cat) Check out what is playing at tipitinas, HOB, Howlin Wolf. Tipitinas has cajun dancing every sunday night. Go to Preservation Hall. Maple Leaf Bar( Rebirth Plays here every tuesday night it is next Jaquimos) Rock N Bowl( Bar with bowling and music) Vaughns

    Haunted Places; Le Petit Theater, The Pontalba, Pirates Alley, The Lalaurie House, St. Louis Cathedral and Lafittes Blacksmith shop, The Pharmacy are a few.

    Source(s): Local GEAUX SAINTS!
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    well if u is staying in slidell then dats not new orleams its too different places if u is goin to new orleans for mardi gras then u should go on bourbon and st charles u can eat anywhere dwn there becus its home of the best cookin

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