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How does fitzgerald use images to create contrasting moods at both Buchanans palace and Gatsby mansion.? How does he bring the buchanan place to life? How does he create an amusement park atmosophere at Gatsbys mansion? How do the moods contribute to the theme of new money vs. old money?

Sorry i know..lots of questions..but any helpl is appreciated. Thank You!

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    Let's see from what I remember...

    Fitzgerald created an amusement park atmosphere at Gatsby's parties and mansion through all the crazy and wild events and incidents. Things were always unpredictable and nothing was as it seemed. There were lots of colored lights and impromptu singing, dancing and general fun broke out constantly. The inside of his mansion was like a fun house, the library was just a facade, and it seemed like a maze with it's vastness and propensity for housing random and odd characters.

    The moods contribute to the theme of new money v. old money because the new money people such as Gatsby are characterized by a wild sort of revelry, almost a celebration purely to flaunt their new found wealth. the people of old money are more reserved. they have no need to flaunt their money as they are secure in their wealth.

    hope that helps some.


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    The Great Gatsby is a story about the decadence of the twenties and the futility of trying to recapture lost love.

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