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What is the worst chain restaurant and why?

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    I'm assuming you don't mean fast food necessarily. So, Denny's would probably count. There's a reason it's so cheap. And, it's full of blue hairs all the time. They don't have any money and don't care what the food tastes like. It's better than at the hospital or the old folks' home.

  • priore
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    3 years ago

    you may desire to have hit a undesirable Shoney's. I commonly consume there if i'm traveling early morning and that i prefer something filling to start up the day. i've got in no way been dissatisfied. i do no longer look after the ambience at Golden Corral - too many young ones working (actually) related to the area and no person seems to subject approximately conserving them so as. O'Charley's has great nutrients and abysmal service. Been to 4 separate franchises and that all of them have the comparable subject. can no longer artwork that one out. i do no longer consume at Applebee's. no longer plenty for the nutrients (in spite of the shown fact that it is not something specific) yet because of the fact of their deceptive merchandising. They repackage a style of things as a meal, grant you with below you will get in case you ordered the products one at a time and nevertheless value you extra.

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    wendy's XP

    small thin square burgers, deflated looking bacon/cheese, bland tasting fries tastea like they didn't even salt them, my friend got a salad there and there was some translucent watery white stuff in it..yuck and the price they want for them is rediculus too..i cant find the prices but i think they want about $6 something for their food..& there isnt any fountain refills open.. @ least to the few I've been to

    I live in Methuen,Ma U.S.. i dont know how they are elsewhere though..

    though..i admit i like their frostys..& baked potatos..though you can't really mess those up.. so..idk!

    though i dont really have a problem w/ their burgers..they are really small!

    - i like Burger King personally...

    bigger flame broiled burgers like the whopper & the double & triple versions of it..though i dont have the big versions much.. only twice.. I had a double though..i never wanted to hear the word food again!..but it was delicious.

    my friend got one & convinced me to get one

    the price for what you get is reasonable considering. $6 something for the whopper meals

    & they have $1 cheeseburgers! & they make a point that McDonalds doesnt lol.. though Mc donalds does have those $1 sundaes.. & pretty good fries!

    & friendlys& 99 too :) yum!

    anyway.. sorry for the extra info! but Wendys is the worst that i know of.. :P

    answer my food question?;_ylt=AgHUi...

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    i think arby's has been below par simply because of the inconsistency between restaurants. they've made many chages to the menu over the years trying to find a niche but it comes down to their beef sandwich which is mediocre at best.

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  • 10 years ago

    Jack in the Box Just poor quality.

  • Rondi
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    10 years ago

    It's McDonald's. Due to the trans fat, poor employees training and mostly senior management errors.

    Source(s): I managed a company store.
  • 10 years ago

    Long John Silvers, way to much cholesterol.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, KFC-they're all bad if you stop and think about it.The food they serve in prison is probably better for you than that stuff!

  • 10 years ago

    umm mcdees its fatening.. yea its cheap but it has more calories thn yud expect to there.. MACDONALDS makes yuh gain weight by liek 5 pounds a day

  • 10 years ago

    I'd say Arbys. Too expensive!!!

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