I have a quick question about Windows Photo Gallery?

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Does it upload my pictures online? I have a Windows Live account and i think they're linked together, when i open it up i think it says somewhere about uploading the pics online ...show more
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Windows Live Photo Gallery allows sharing of photos by uploading them to Windows Live Photos and Flickr. It also has the ability to upload to other photo sharing sites such as Facebook if add-ins are installed. Windows Live Photo Gallery is also required for downloading full resolution photos and albums from Windows Live Spaces. It can publish videos to Soapbox on MSN Video. The ability to view animated GIF images is notably absent. Instead, when viewed, it displays every frame of an animated gif which may come in handy if a user wanted only a frame. Since Windows Live Wave 3 (Version 2009), the icons on the toolbar have been removed.

So question is, do you have Windows Live Photo Gallery or the plain Windows Photo Gallery?:

Windows Photo Gallery provides the ability to organize digital photo collection in its Gallery view, by adding titles, rating, captions, and custom metadata tags to photos. An Edit mode is also present, which allows photos to be edited for exposure or color correction. It also provides other basic photo editing functions, such as resizing, cropping, red-eye reduction etc, and also allows printing photos, via the Photo Printing Wizard.

There is limited support for tagging and managing video files, though not editing them. It integrates with Windows DVD Maker to provide integrated DVD burning features. Windows Photo Gallery can also be used to acquire photos and videos from digital cameras, scanners, and other sources.

Besides, nothing gets uploaded unless you initiate the action and sign into your online account.



Windows Live Essentials allows users to select and install the following Windows Live software applications:

* Windows Live Family Safety
* Windows Live Mail
* Windows Live Messenger
* Windows Live Movie Maker (Windows Vista and Windows 7 only)
* Windows Live Photo Gallery
* Windows Live Sync (integrated with Toolbar and Photo Gallery)
* Windows Live Toolbar
* Windows Live Writer
* Microsoft Office Outlook Connector
* Microsoft Office Live Add-in
* Microsoft Silverlight
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  • Sir Pete answered 4 years ago
    When you upload pictures from Windows Photo Gallery it brings up a wizard allowing you to select the photos you wish to upload. You also need to specify the online service you wish to use. It requires you to enter a username and password to your online account. Basically, there isn't a way to accidentally upload, you have to go through a few screens before the upload occurs.
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