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Are you for South Sudan?

Referenum on table to split Sudan into North and South. You like, no like?

I see a big future. In 2011, people will vote. Then all hell break loose. Then peace in 2013.

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    yes i am ardently for South Sudan

    you see in the history of Sudan's long civil war the South held their ground and gained their independence from the central Sudanese government

    they still have hard feelings but for the most part there is peace

    now on to west Sudan which is a area we know as Darfur

    during the whole time there was a insane war raging between the Christian south and the government for like 20 years they just stood on the sideline and didn't choose a side

    then when the Muslim government forces basically lost the war with South Sudan they moved on and nailed Darfur

    sorry but i have a million times more respect for the fighters in South Sudan

    than Darfur which just waited around to be slaughtered like cows

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    No, I'm from England

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